Wright: Reasons for Bitcoin SV pump, BTC keys “none of your goddamn business”

  • Craig Wright gave BlockTV a controversial interview in which he stated that it is “none of your goddamn business” whether he owns the keys to the 1.1 million BTC.
  • He also hinted that he knows the reasons for the recent Bitcoin SV pump, but will not disclose them.

The self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor and mastermind behind Bitcoin SV, Craig Wright, recently gave BlockTV an in-depth interview. Wright had to answer questions from the community and the moderator. He expressed his unfiltered thoughts on some of the hottest topics, including the question of the private keys to the Tulip Trust, the Kleiman trial and the true purpose of Bitcoin.

Right at the beginning, the host Asher Westropp-Evans asked Craig about the relationship between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin SV (BSV). Wright was asked about a quote from Satoshi Nakamoto from 2010, which was published on Bitcointalk and refers to the relationship between Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Bitcoin SV (BSV).

In the post, Satoshi explained at the time that a second (forked) version of Bitcoin would mean too much maintenance work for him, so a majority version would always prevail. In reference to this, Wright refused to call Bitcoin Core a “version” of Bitcoin, saying instead that it was a copy of Bitcoin. According to Wright, BTC was made into something “that was not meant to be”.

Wright also claimed to know exactly who or what was behind the pumping of Bitcoin SV in January, when BSV pumped by more than 300%. Wright said that the interest in BSV in the market had been organic. However, he was not willing to go into details. Wright also referred to the privacy of others:

I know what’s behind it, and who, and whatever else. None of that’s public information so I’m not going to share it.

This makes a “natural” pump less likely. At the same time, it doesn’t invalidate the accusations of Wash-Trading against Wright’s associate Calvin Ayre.

The BTC key question still unresolved

Once in a rage, Wright continued to talk his head off about the court dispute with David Kleiman’s heirs. Wright claimed that not he, but Ira Kleiman is trying to steal his property rights to the alleged 1.1 million BTC. A partnership never existed, Wright said.

However, Wright’s statement is more than questionable. Numerous court documents, many even from Wright’s own lawyers, prove the contrary. The documents contain numerous mentions of Dave Kleiman as Wright’s partner, one is that Kleiman is said to have set up the Tulip Trust.

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Although the entire crypto industry has a huge interest in the court case because the amount of Satoshi’s Bitcoin could have a massive impact on the market, Wright believes that the trial should not be public and should not be discussed. He called the crypto media a “bunch of rude assholes” whose main purpose is to ask about the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) he owns.

Specifically responding to the key question, Wright bluntly said, “None of your goddamn business,” and countered Westropp-Evans’ question with the counter-question, “What credit card did you pay that hooker with?”. Wright said that this question was “as rude” as the question about his private keys (by Satoshi Nalamoto).

Bitcoin SV as a basis for central banks and private companies?

Wright also claimed in the interview that nChain’s patents will put the company in a good position to help central banks and private companies with their ambitions to introduce digital currencies. The self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor even went so far as to say that Bitcoin SV will prove to be an easier solution:

Central bank currencies will need to be actually handle scale […] Bitcoin can handle that […] When they figure out what they need to do to scale, they can come and see us.

You can watch the full interview at this link.

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