Ripple News: The latest news and updates on XRP

Our Ripple News section provides the latest updates and insights on Ripple and its cryptocurrency, XRP. Last year, Ripple reached a historic milestone when Judge Analisa Torres ruled that XRP is not a security. Despite XRP’s lackluster performance in recent months, Ripple is poised to tap into multiple trillion-dollar markets. These include tokenization, following the acquisition of Metaco, partnerships with more than 30 central banks worldwide, and the rapidly evolving DeFi market. The big fight in the XRP vs. SEC saga is expected to find a settlement this year. However, the battle between the SEC and Ripple Labs over XRP could extend until 2026 due to potential appeals.

For those new to Ripple and XRP, more information can be found in our Ripple Beginner’s Guide. You can also find the current price of XRP on our price detail page. We also created two guides that show you how to buy Ripple (XRP) and how to set up a Ripple (XRP) wallet. For deep dives into the most current Ripple (XRP) news, check out our YouTube or Twitter channels.