Ripple: University of Kyoto the first to use the XRPL validator

  • Kyoto University will be the first in Asia to implement Ripple’s XRPL validator.
  • The alliance joins the more than 300 partners that Ripple has worldwide.

Ripple has a new announcement to add to his wave of allies and cooperations. Kyoto University will start implementing the XRPL validator. The announcement of the cooperation was made by Emi Yoshikawa, through his Twitter account. Yoshikawa is the Senior Director of Global Operations at Ripple.

Ripple gets closer to the education sector – Route followed by Tezos and Ethereum

As CNF has been reporting, the education sector has been in many recent headlines. The Tezos Foundation and the Ethereum Foundation have taken similar initiatives. Their programs will focus primarily on supporting developers starting in blockchain.

In that route, comes the announcement of the cooperation that the University of Kyoto will have. As the first university in Asia to use Ripple’s XRPL validator, the institution will be able to be part, according to Yoshikawa’s tweet, of the blockchain technology and the money revolution.

As a member of the XRPL validator, Kyoto University will be part of a process that contributes to the decentralization of the Ripple protocol. To achieve this goal, Kyoto University will play an active role in the Ripple ecosystem. Its main duty is to remove the role of an intermediary and validate the operations that are carried out on Ripple’s ledger.

According to Yoshikawa’s statements, Kyoto University could be only the first in its program. Apparently, the company’s intention is to spread its XRPL validation program throughout the Asian continent and the country of the rising sun.

Ripple with more than 300 partners worldwide

Ripple has become one of the fastest growing companies in recent months. As reported by CNF, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse made public the fact that RippleNet would have reached more than 300 partners worldwide.

Its alliances with Banco Santander, MoneyGram and others have made Ripple’s payment solutions one of the most interesting in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In addition, a Ripple report has established the roadmap that the company wants to follow over the next few years.

The report highlights that the asset with the greatest potential is On-Demand-Liquidity based on its native XRP token, for making cross-border payments. So far, according to Garlinghouse, RippleNet has seen significant growth in transaction volume this year and expects it to continue to climb.

The price of Ripple, at the time of publication, stands at $ 0.26 USD with a positive trend of 0.44% in the last 24 hours. Despite the large number of positive news, it has not yet been seen that the price is influenced to create an uptrend. It remains to be seen if, in this case, there will be a greater influence on the Ripple price.

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