Tezos and Ethereum place strong bet on developers

  • Tezos makes an update on its education program for designers, Tezos Blockstarts Programme.
  • The Tezos Foundation recounts the upcoming events that will take place in various parts of the world.

Just as the Ethereum team announces the release of Ethereum Studios, a learning platform for developers, Tezos makes an update on its education program. Through a blog post, the Tezos Foundation reports on the progress of its Tezos Blockstarts Programme.

Tezos and Ethereum with an eye on developers’ future

It is a positive indicator that these two big names in the cryptocurrency industry, the Ethereum Foundation and the Tezos Foundation, are making announcements about their education program. Such programs or initiatives, in the case of Ethereum Studios, are designed for developers.

Both foundations seem to be focused on spreading and expanding existing learning tools, introducing new designers to new tools, giving free training to everyone, everywhere in the world.

The Tezos Foundation stated that more than 100 students from about 30 countries will participate in this cohort of its Blockstart program.

In addition, part of Tezos and Ethereum’s initiative has been to create incentives for designers. For example, rewards or contests. In this way, not only do Ethereum and Tezos benefit from community input, but developers can see their potential in the making.

In that sense, Tezos hosted the TEZOS INNOVATOR in Seoul, South Korea. The Foundation is proud that this was the first contest sponsored in Korea with the idea of continuing to promote the education and progress of developers.

The event had 35 teams. Then, 6 teams were selected to participate in the innovative Tezos summit. The winning team of the event, selected by Tezos Korea, was HasMob for its blockchain video storage service based on blackbox.

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Upcoming events and achievements of the Tezos Foundation in 2019

In the Tezos Foundation publication, they also make public their upcoming events and update on their accomplishments this year. All focused on educational or developmental issues. In addition, the international nature of Tezos’ commitment to developers involves the Tezos Foundation in many countries.

Among the most outstanding events is the DevCon Genesis organized by the Tezos India Foundation in collaboration with other partners. In the same country, a meeting of people interested in Tezos was held with more than 60 guests. Also, the Innovators Summit organized by the Tezos Korea Foundation, as mentioned above.

Some of the achievements of the Tezos Foundation this year involve the launch of a new wallet, the TezzeT. In conjunction with Tezos Rio. This wallet is a lighter, faster and safer version than previous versions.

All of this happens as Tezos associates to reward their holders with 5% annual profits for their stake. Definitely, Tezos continues to make interesting progress for the overall development of the ecosystem.

The price of Tezos, at the time of publication, is $1.15 USD with losses of 1.18% in the last 24 hours.

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