Bitcoin: offers private conversations using the Lightning network

  • The application allows you to communicate privately by using the Lightning network.
  • The number of applications using the Lightning network is growing., Whatsat, Bottlepay, among others.

The adoption of Bitcoin may have unusual applications. The large number of uses and ways of using the Lightning network continue to be recorded. Recently, made its appearance. The application allows users to create chatrooms to communicate securely and privately.

In addition, no data or record remains in the application. also does not store information about users. The application is open source, based on Bitcoin’s Lightning network, and was developed by Stuart Kuentzel with the intention that anyone could contribute to its improvement.

Bitcoin, its philosophy and the

The launch of the application is recent. At the beginning of November, it was available. Its operation is straightforward and simple. Users can rent chatrooms using the Lightning network, at a price of 10,000 satoshis or 0.00010000 BTC (about 1 USD).

According to the creator, chatrooms can be shared by using a password, set by the user who creates the chat room. This is the only way to enter and be part of the conversation. In his Twitter account, Kuentzel emphasized that messages are self-destructing and that no data is backed up or saved by third parties.

Despite the simplicity and ease of application, behind the offer of there is an ideal rooted in Bitcoin. The possibility of having a means to make transactions, of being able to communicate, without the intervention or supervision of an authority.

Application ecosystem flourishes with Bitcoin’s Lightning network has started making alliances, almost immediately. In addition, there is an increase in applications that use the Lightning network with ingenuity and creativity. Its use allows people to communicate, send satoshis with social networks, or receive Bitcoin for shopping in certain places.

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Above all, these applications have found a fun way to drive the adoption of Bitcoin and, by extension, cryptocurrencies. Not only as a means of payment, but as a way to create connections.

Whatsat, an application created by Joost Jager, is a good example. It is an application that seeks to give users complete freedom to communicate without a central intermediary that can prohibit or approve the interactions.

Another application or way of using the Lightning network with social networks, has become popular. Bottlepay, for example, allows you to synchronize social network accounts with an online wallet. In this way, you can send and receive BTC with just a tweet or a message in Telegram.

CNF has also reported on an interesting use case. A team of developers would have created a device that allows doing transactions and sending messages with the LN (Lightning Network) without using internet or electric power. The project is called Locha Mesh and, recently, they participated in the Lightning Conference in Germany.

The price of Bitcoin, at the time of publication, is $ 8,471 USD with a side trend (-0.64%) recorded in the last 24 hours.

Without a doubt, in the future we will continue to see use cases that use LN in a surprising way. Perhaps the impulse that other sectors of industry are giving to education also has a positive effect that we could see in the medium term with applications such as those mentioned.

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