Did Wright get the Bitcoin keys? ‘Faketoshi’ files Tulip Trust III documents

  • In the case of the self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor, Craig Wright against the heirs of David Kleiman, there has been a new twist.
  • Wright has submitted documents to the court about a never before mentioned “Tulip Trust III”.

As CNF reported, January 1, 2020 was supposed to be the big day when Craig Wright is receiving the keys to the infamous Tulip Trust and 1.1 million Bitcoin (BTC) by courier. To date, however, no news has been published as to whether the courier actually appeared. Nor has Craig Wright transferred “his” alleged Bitcoin.

However, new documents concerning a “Tulip Trust III” were submitted to the court yesterday. However, these were sealed by the competent court until further notice. The document, last published on Courtlistener, states that Wright submitted 428 new documents, including a Tulip Trust III, to the court:

In advance of today’s discovery hearing, Plaintiffs will befiling aNotice of Filing attaching a third Tulip Trust document (“Tulip Trust III”) that was not produced under this Court’s prior order to produce all documents related to the “blind” tulip trust. Plaintiffs received this documentfor the first time on January 6, 2020, amongst a production of 428 other documents, without any explanation as to its late disclosure, or even an email pointing out this document had been produced.

Craig has marked thisTulip Trust III documentas “Confidential” pursuant tothe Stipulated Confidentiality Order. While Plaintiffs do not believe the Tulip Trust III documentshould be sealed in its entirety, Plaintiffs believe Craig should be afforded the opportunity to propose redactions to the Court.Accordingly, Plaintiffs make this motion to seal to comply with the Stipulated Confidential Order and the Local Rules of this Court. WHEREFORE, Plaintiffs request Defendant be given 10 days to provide proposed redactions to the Court.

The crypto-community is now speculating about what the Tulip Trust III documents might be about. The original Tulip Trust document claimed that Dave Kleiman had transferred 1.1 million Bitcoins to the Tulip Trust and that the entire amount of these will be returned to Dr. Wright on 1 January 2020. Wright cited the Tulip Trust as the reason why he could not access his 1.1 million BTC.

However, it is questionable whether the Tulip Trust I and II even exist. Wright has already been accused on several occasions of forging documents in the lawsuit against David Kleiman’s heirs. As CNF has outlined, there are several doubts as to the authenticity of the documents relating to the Tulip Trust. Wright was even unable to convince the judge of the authenticity of the documents, whereupon Wright said that there is more than one “Tulip Trust”.

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However, Judge Reinhart stated at the sentencing hearing in August 2019 that the Tulip Trust documents did not match. “All the evidence in the file does not prove that the Tulip Trust exists”. Accordingly, the preliminary ruling was in favour of the Kleimans, to whom half of the Bitcoin were granted. However, the ruling was appealed by Wright’s attorneys.

What is the Tulip Trust III?

Many assumed that Wright’s statements that there are several Tulip Trusts meant that there is a Tulip Trust I and II. The new filing is the first mention of a Tulip Trust III. The surprising appearance of the document, according to the crypto-community, might just be another attempt by Wright to persuade the judge with forged documents.

“Since Tulip Trust I & Tulip Trust II failed to get traction in court (fraud, perjurous testimony) Craig is trying another time”, wrote Arthur van Pelt via Twitter. In contrast, Bitcoin SV supporters are celebrating the news and see the Tulip Trust III documents as proof that Wright is really Satoshi Nakamoto and that he will receive the keys.

Until the sealing of the court documents is broken, it can only be speculated about the content of the Tulip Trust III documents. CNF will continue to monitor the trial and report as soon as new details of the Tulip Trust III are released.

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