Cardano competitor VeChain brings its own Block Explorer and new Wallet interface

  • VeChain will soon release its own Block Explorer and revise the Sync Ledger Wallet interface.
  • However, the launch or further development of the products is delayed because the partner company Totien Labs has suddenly announced the end of the cooperation.

The VeChain Foundation takes the wishes and needs of the community very seriously in order to ensure a joint further development of the project. Accordingly, VeChain has announced in a new blog post that the self-developed VeChain Blockchain Explorer and the VeChain Sync Ledger will soon be introduced.

VeForger Explorer and VeForge Vault for Ledger to be discontinued

However, VeChain suffered a small setback in their cooperation with Totien Labs. The company has surprisingly received news that the VeForge Explorer and VeForge Vault developed by Totien Labs will be discontinued. This was decided by Totien Labs shortly before the next planned update on 20.10.2019. VeChain had financially supported Totien Labs to provide and continuously develop the above mentioned products.

So VeChain is forced to improvise a bit by developing a VeChain Blockchain Explorer and the VeChain Sync Ledger Wallet interface itself. The latter is necessary for all people who use the Ledger Nano S or the Ledger Nano X to manage VET. The new Vechain Blockchain Explorer will have extensive new functions:

  • Integration with Token Registry & Application Hub so that VIP180 token issuers and dApp developers are able to add the token or dApp info to the explorer simply by submitting a Pull Request to the open source data repositories
  • Robust APIs for third parties such as dApps, exchanges, wallet providers to easily integrate the VeChain blockchain and inquire accounts, tokens, transactions, block information history
  • Integrate with VeChain Authority Masternode Dashboard which is in the process of being developed.

The official VeChain Explorer is scheduled to start at the end of November. Until then VeChain users can use VeChain Insight to query accounts, tokens, transactions and blockchain information. In addition, VeChain has notified all partner exchanges to redirect the transaction links to VeChain Insight in order to avoid interruption of services to users. Other projects developed by the community, such as VeChain Stats, can continue to be used to monitor Mainnet activity, VTHO usage and many other statistics.

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Replacement for the VeForge Vault is on the way

The VeForge Vault has been the main point of contact and interface for all Ledger Wallet users to access their VeChain wallet. VeChain openly and honestly admits that the closure of this product will temporarily affect Ledger Wallet users, as Ledger Wallet users will not be able to access their tokens if Totien Labs disables access to the VeForge Vault interface.

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However, VeChain ensures that all VET and VIP180 tokens are secure. VeChain is already working with Ledger on a new interface to access the Ledger Hardware Wallet via the Sync Desktop Wallet as well as the dApp browser Sync. Ledger users should be able to use their Ledger VeChain Wallet address synchronously to access their VET and VIP180 tokens and sign transactions.

The new VeChain Sync Ledger interface is expected to be completed within the next two weeks.

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