VeChain: Leading global steel company relies on My Care

  • One of the largest steel companies in the world will use the VeChain based technology My Care.
  • With the implementation the risk of infection within the company in times of coronavirus should be reduced and documented.

Steel company ArcelorMittal has announced that it will use VeChain-based My Care technology to reduce the risk of COVID19 infection. My Care is to be tested at its headquarters in the MayFair office in Luxembourg to prevent new infections and to store all known infection data on the blockchain quickly and tamper-proof.

ArcelorMittal has offices in more than 60 countries around the world and has almost 190,000 employees, so that the technology of VeChain and DNV GL will be widely used and adapted. The company has decided to take this step because the infection rate worldwide is rising again and the company’s own employees should be protected as good as possible.

My Care in partnership between VeChain and DNV GL

As Crypto News Flash has already reported, VeChain has developed My Care, an application based on the VeChainThor blockchain, in cooperation with DNV GL to document the risk of infection from COVID19, to manage data and to store it in a tamper-proof manner. The VeChain ToolChain BaaS platform is used for this purpose. DNV GL says:

My Care takes a holistic approach to building business resilience. It enables readiness to deal with infectious diseases today and can also drive lasting change in your HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) policies and management systems to create long-term organisational resilience.

Viking Line was the first company in the world to implement My Care for its own business processes and employees. In a first step, 6 terminals and 7 ships of the Norwegian shipping company were equipped. VeChain has also created a decentralized application E-HCert, which is used in hospitals in Cyprus to document infection data on the coronavirus in a complete and tamper-proof manner.

E-HCert is used at the country’s largest airport in Pafos with over 11 million passengers per year. After only a few days, more than 1,200 people had downloaded the app and actively used it to avoid possible quarantine measures through intensive use of the application. The adaptation of VeChain is progressing more and more in the last days and weeks, so that the course also reacts with a strong increase.

VeChain increases by 68 % in the last 7 days

The VET price has risen by more than 68% in the last 7 days and thus shows by far the best performance within the 30 largest cryptocurrencies. Recently VeChain announced that it will be the keynote speaker at one of the world’s largest artificial intelligence trade shows in Shanghai in 2020. For the first time in the history of the conference, the keynote speech will be delivered by a blockchain company.

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