VeChain-based solution E-HCert adopted in Cyprus’ largest airport

  • The E-HCert solution, based on VeChain, is deployed at Cyprus’ largest airport, Larnaca, to protect passengers from the coronavirus pandemic.
  • About 1,200 people have already downloaded the E-HCert application to avoid a quarantine in Cyprus.

VeChain has succeeded in winning a number of important partnerships to develop solutions against the coronavirus pandemic. One of the most important developments is the E-HCert solution, created in collaboration with I-Dante, which works in an automated way as an electronic test to verify that the user is a COVID-19 carrier.

The solution works in conjunction with the E-NewHealthLife application and meets the objective of securely storing the information and all user data and transmitting this data to the Mediterranean Hospital in Cyprus. The medical institution has started to use the platform, also known as E-NewHealthLife, to double its efforts against the disease.

VeChain against the coronavirus pandemic

The above-mentioned solutions enable the issuance of a kind of “passport” or an encrypted card that serves as identification for the patient. In this way, the hospital can test people arriving at the airport, determine whether they need treatment and monitor their symptoms in real time using the platform.

The solutions based on the VeChainThor blockchain also allow the user to enter data and manage their medical history. This medical history can be securely shared with the hospital and helps to optimize treatment efficiency and response to treatment in Cyprus. Moreover, all information exchanged via the platform is sent only with the user’s consent.

The results of the tests to diagnose COVID-19 that are done with the EH-Cert app are stored on the VeChainThor blockchain and cost 60 euros. Then, only the user or patient can decide if they want to share the results with the hospital. So far the application has been downloaded by more than 1,200 people at Larnaca airport and is planned to be used to detect other diseases.

As reported by CNF, VeChain supports several solutions to fight COVID-19. Among them is the My Care solution to manage the risk of infection in the maritime sector. The solution is aimed at combining a number of DNV GL and Health, Security and Environment (HSE) standards, practices and management systems. The solution works with a QR code that customers have to scan in order for My Care to provide them with the tools to be prepared.

VeChain has also partnered with Verida Health to enable the platform to efficiently manage its user and patient data. They will have full control of their data, according to VeChain, which will be encrypted stored on the VeChainThor blockchain.

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