Tron officially suspended on chinese social network Weibo

  • Tron has been suspended on the Chinese social network Weibo. It is accused of violating the platform’s policy.
  • Justin Sun is under discussion to lift the suspension.

A small obstacle in Tron’s growth. Recently, China’s social network, Weibo, announced that Tron’s account on the platform was suspended. The motives, according to Weibo, are the violation of their policies of coexistence. Justin Sun has stated on the measure, said he is in talks with Weibo to inquire and possibly reverse the suspension.

Tron’s suspended account in Weibo: rule violation or censorship?

According to Dovey Wan, a recognized member of the crypto community, the suspension measure occurred almost at the same time Weibo was doing the same thing with account from Binance (BNB). When attempting to log into Tron’s account on the Chinese social network, a screen with the following message is displayed:

The account has been suspended for violation of laws and regulations, as well as the relevant provisions of the Weibo Community Convention.

Both accounts share the reason for suspension and their content has been removed. However, the personal accounts of Tron creator Justin Sun and Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao are still active. Despite Weibo’s clear message about the reason for the suspensions, the measure has aroused suspicion in the cryptocommunity.

It is speculated that the problems Justin Sun has had with the Chinese authorities in the past could have a direct bearing on this measure. At the time, Sun allegedly gave in to pressure not to have a scheduled lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett. Almost immediately after this episode, one of Sun’s companies would be accused by a chinese media of being an intermediary for illegal gambling, drugs and prostitution.

On the other hand, there is also speculation as to how the recent announcements made by Binance’s CEO could have influenced this event. Zhao announced that Binance would be teaming up with Alipay and WeChat to launch a peer-to-peer trading platform. Somehow, unknown parties in China might feel threatened by Binance’s decision.

Weibo is the Chinese counterpart to Twitter. Expelling Tron and Binance from the platform could represent, for these players, a backward step in their communications network. An even harder blow if, like Tron and Binance, they are in a process of expansion.

China wants Blockchain, Not Bitcoin

It would be unsurprising if the Chinese government feels any threat from Binance’s decision. Together with their allies, they could be a broad exchange platform with an important market. Binance’s announcement comes, as CNF has reported, just as China prepares to broadcast the digital Yuan. The alliance could have a negative influence and take a significant portion of the market away from the digital currency of the Asian giant.

The suspension of the accounts of Tron and Binance have brought back the suspicion of some members of the community about the intentions of China with their recent announcements. The initial expectation of a speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping is thought to have been misinterpreted.

China might want to benefit from the technology behind the cryptocurrencies, the blockchain. However, at heart they reject what these mean: decentralization, freedom and the capacity for self-determination that it gives people.

Tron’s price is currently at $ 0.0188 and shows a slight upward movement of 1.01% in the last 24 hours. It has not yet been much influenced by recent events.

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