TRON on the rise: More than 4 million registered accounts

  • Tron’s network remains one of the biggest winners of the last few months.
  • Justin Sun gave an update of the newest figures how the Tron network performed which seems to be misleading.

Tron stays in the focus of the cryptomarket. As CNF has been reporting, over the last few months the growth of Tron’s network has been overwhelming. Above all, in comparison with its competitors, EOS and Ethereum.

Tron has been one of the networks that have benefited from the “Xi-Pump” and from the alliances it has created with industry giants such as Samsung. The network will be incorporated into Samsung’s new Keystone portfolio and, along with Bitcoin and Ethereum, will also be available as wallet on the Opera browser.

TRON: Undisputed winner?

The network seems to continue to gain space in all spheres with its new alliances. Displacing its competitors, such as EOS and Stellar Lumens (XLM), in terms of agreements and growth. Along these lines, Justin Sun, CEO of Tron, announced that the number of users connected to the network reached 4 million.

In addition, Sun made an update on the status of the alliance with Samsung, the network will be involved in all Blockchain projects based in China. This would continue to give Tron a huge boost and, in theory, should keep the network ahead of its competitors in the Asian region.

Some member of the cryptocommunity, however, have been quick to note that the figures given by Sun could be inaccurate. The number of active users on the network would be much smaller than those announced by Justin Sun and would fall outside the range of millions to just 100,000 users or less.

The TRONSCAN account joined the celebration of the 4 million users reported by Sun:

Price of TRON after alliance with Samsung

From its alliance with technology giant Samsung, Tron continues to make profits. The record kept by DApp Review, on its Twitter page, illustrates in greater detail the gains the network has made in recent hours.

In terms of volume, Tron reached $8.6 million, while EOS, with the second place, has $3.8 million in volume revenue. The advantage is abysmal, according to DApp Review. However, the report offered by the Twitter account in terms of users differs from that published by Sun, with only 73 thousand for the Tron network. It would take Tron down from it’s position in first place, raising more doubts about the numbers offered by Sun.

The price of Tron stands at $ 0.019802 and presents a gain of 1.70% in the last 24 hours. Tron’s network is expected to continue growing due to the effect of the new policies announced by China and other factors analyzed by CNF in the following article.

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