IOTA integrates Moonpay: Buy MIOTA inside the Trinity Wallet

  • IOTA has entered into a partnership with Moon Pay Limited.
  • As a result, IOTA can be purchased directly inside the Trinity Wallet.

In the past it was hard to find a secure and user-friendly IOTA Wallet. But with the development of the Trinity Wallet, the community has received a wallet in 2019 that is secure, easy to use and receives regular updates. The Trinity Wallet has gained a valuable feature through a new partnership.

IOTA cooperates with MoonPay

A few hours ago IOTA announced a cooperation with MoonPay. IOTA is working to expand the ways in which people and organizations can use IOTA’s ecosystem. This requires the expansion of IOTA’s infrastructure to allow new players to easily invest in IOTA.

Therefore, MoonPay has been integrated into the Trinity Wallet through the latest update. This allows users of the wallet to buy IOTA directly. IOTA sees many advantages in this development. Among other things it offers IOTA users another FIAT/IOTA contact point. It also creates a seamless user experience when buying the IOTA token.

In the first version, IOTA can be purchased with a debit or credit card. The fee is 4.5%, which is relatively high compared to other providers. IOTA describes that they are aware of the high fees, but users appreciate the convenience and will still use the wallet. So far, the Fiat currencies British Pound (GBP) and Euro (EUR) are supported.

Up to a purchase of EUR 150, it is not necessary to provide any further personal data as part of the KCY process. Initially, MoonPay is available for citizens from Europe and Asia. An extension for US citizens will follow soon.

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IOTA announces technical roadmap for 2020

IOTA published the technical roadmap for next year yesterday. Numerous technical improvements, such as a new signature scheme, autopeering, a first prototype of the Rust Node and various advances for Bee, IRI and Qubic are to follow. In addition, performance improvements and the adaptation progress of the Tangle are in focus.

Currently Qubic is being developed, a new type of Smart Contracts and Oracles based on the IOTA tangle. According to IOTA, a Linux-based supervisor core has been successfully implemented on the FPGA. Furthermore, the design for the Abra-to-FPGA configuration has been completed. The upcoming improvements are promising but also very complex, so it will be necessary to wait and see if the schedules can be kept.

IOTA’s price shows a minimal increase of 3.15% to a price of 0.1556 USD within the last 24 hours.

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