Ethereum 2.0 gets closer: Zinken testnet successfully launched

  • The launch of the Ethereum testnet Zinken went smoothly, according to Ethereum Foundation Research Director Danny Ryan.
  • Zinken is the last “dress rehearsal” before Ethereum 2.0 can be officially launched.

As Crypto News Flash already reported, the “dress rehearsal” of the Spadina test network on September 29, 2020 was not successful. This last test should show the true strength of the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 and has started with 2,856 active validators and 91,382 deposited ETH. However, the test network had several problems in its configuration, the client node as well as other calculation errors. In order not to endanger the further development, therefore a renewed testnet was necessary for the start of ETH 2.0.

Zinken testnet starts successfully after Spadina failure

Just like Spadina the genesis was simulated with Zinken to test the start of the first block of the new ETH 2.0 blockchain. In order that ETH 2.0 can start as planned, 16,000 validators must be available and 500,000 ETH must be deposited. However, for practical reasons these two requirements have been significantly reduced for both Spadina and Zinken.

Together with the Medalla test network, Zinken prepares the ecosystem to move to the proof-of-stake consensus. The transition will increase Ethereum’s scalability from the current 15 transactions per second to as many as 100,000 transactions per second, and will finally be ready for mass deployment with Phase 1.5.

In times of higher network usage, there has been a “congestion” in the blockchain in the past, with fees rising to several US dollar and transaction times to several hours. Recently, the DeFi boom caused several overloads of the network, as new projects sometimes registered a price increase of up to 5,000% within a few days.

Despite the failure of the Spadina test network, the commitment of the community is high. According to Ethereum Foundation Research Director Danny Ryan, more than 74,000 validators participated in Medalla. In addition, more than 2.4 million ETH were deposited. Yesterday’s launch of the Zinken testnet was similarly successful.

Ryan further summarized that the client teams are completing their audits and making final preparations for the launch of the Mainnet. Although the test net will run for a few more days, Ryan described that the genesis was successful and the testnet has already completely fulfilled its purpose:

Genesis went well, which is the main thing we were looking for.

Prysm ETH2 Client Web Interface also started successfully

A few hours ago Prysmatic Labs introduced the first web client for ETH 2.0, which fully supports all staking functions. Since this weekend the new client can be used:

Starting in Prysm release alpha.29 from this weekend, you can now run your validator with the — web option (two dashes) to start a local frontend in your browser.

The developers point out that this is still a first beta version and therefore bugs may be included. Feedback is welcome and can be submitted via the official Discord Channel. The following video shows in detail how the new interface works.

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