Ethereum News: The latest news and updates about ETH

Our Ethereum News section is dedicated to providing the most current updates and insights on Ethereum and its underlying technology. According to JPMorgan, Ethereum (ETH) could surpass Bitcoin in market capitalization in 2024. Following the SEC’s approval of 9 Bitcoin ETFs by January 10, experts suggest that an ETH Spot ETF could potentially be approved in May, with a 60% probability. For an overview of all ongoing efforts, you can visit the official website of ConsenSys, the Ethereum development studio.

For those new to Ethereum and its native cryptocurrency, Ether (ETH), our Ethereum Beginner’s Guide is an excellent starting point for gaining foundational knowledge. Additionally, the current price of Ether can be tracked on our dedicated price detail page. We have also prepared two guides: one explaining the process of buying Ether, and another on how to establish an Ethereum wallet. For comprehensive analyses and the latest updates on Ethereum, make sure to visit our YouTube and Twitter channels.