Vechain News: New dApp allows verification of files on the blockchain

  • The new dApp VeSign enables users to sign files and smart contracts offline on the VeChain blockchain.
  • The dApp offers many other helpful functions that developers can try out and use in a secure environment.

VeChain is a promising project that has been able to provide a powerful and functional product at an early stage, beyond a “digital currency”. The VeChain-Thor blockchain enables the complete documentation of a product throughout the supply chain. It stores all important and necessary informations, that are essential for the transport as well as the subsequent sale.

VeChain uses RFID chips, which can be scanned in a pharmacy or supermarket using a QR code. In this way, a wine connoisseur can obtain an overview of the locations through which the wine bottle has passed and the grape variety used for its production. However, this is only a small part of the complex field of applications of the VeChain platform.

The company behind VeChain has developed a new dApp that allows files to be signed and authenticated on the blockchain. In addition, the developer suite offers a lot more functions in practice.

VeSign: Authenticating and verifying files on the blockchain

EnChain is a software company specializing on the development of dApps and blockchain solutions. With VeSign, the company has launched a dApp that allows the user to create a personal signature. Furthermore, documents can be digitally signed or a signature can be requested from other persons or companies.

The files are not uploaded on the Internet, but are accessed locally by resolving the bytes that make up the file. The hash is then uploaded so that the actual file never leaves the local PC. Immediately after uploading the hash, other users can check whether the file is the original and can be signed accordingly.

The “VeSign-Suite” (if you click on this link, you will get to the official website) corresponds to the backend of a well-structured website, similar to WordPress, so that even beginners should get along with the developer tool. Within the platform, payments are made with VTHO (VeThor token). However, the further development plan foresees that a connection to VeChain-Wallets will be built, so that payments can be made either via VTHO or via traditional payment methods.

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Strong partnerships for a rising price?

VeChain has a number of strong cooperation partners, such as the German car manufacturer BMW, the global management consultancy PwC and the world’s largest Chinese insurance company, DNV GL. Nevertheless, in line with the current market trend, VeChain’s price is moving downwards.

VeChain is an ambitious project that can show cooperation partners from the most diverse industries. Whether further partnerships can actually drive the price remains to be seen.

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