Trondheim to become a Smart City by implementing IOTA

  • IOTA, the Norwegian city of Trondheim and eight companies have joined forces to develop the city into the UN Centre for Sustainable Development.
  • The United 4 Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) committee works to disseminate knowledge about smart cities so that other cities and towns can achieve the UN sustainability goals.
  • Trondheim will serve as a test city to further expand the use of IOTA and the Tangle protocol within Smart Cities.

The IOTA Foundation, in cooperation with the City of Trondheim and other partners, has already launched an initiative in 2017 to launch a decentralized data marketplace. Since then, a number of joint initiatives have emerged that have contributed to the development of the IOTA ecosystem.

In early July 2018, the proposal for the +CityxChange project was formally adopted by the European Commission as a new flagship project for smart cities under the EU Horizon 2020 theme “Smart Cities and Towns”. IOTA’s technology will be applied in several areas such as decentralised energy supply, waste management and electric mobility.

In August 2019, IOTA, in cooperation with ENTRA, Jaguar Land Rover and Engie Lab Crigen, presented a proof of concept demonstrating the use of IOTA’s technology to track sustainable energy, from buildings with a positive energy balance to electric vehicles. IOTA was developed as a cryptocurrency for machine-to-machine payments and accordingly offers a wide range of applications.

The United 4 Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) committee is working with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the UN Global Smart City Programme to proactively disseminate knowledge so that other cities and municipalities can achieve UN sustainability goals and learn from Trondheim. In addition to IOTA, Ducky, Folkeinvest, GreenStock, Læringsliv, Reframing Studio, SoCentral, Strise, Urban Trigger Agency have declared their participation in the project.

The Trondheim Municipality Centre will be used as a “living laboratory” to develop, test and present models, services and products that serve the goals of sustainability. All stakeholders will use the research results to develop business models, solutions and services that can be used in other cities.

The idea of more in-depth research and the application for further grants for dedicated development areas is also a priority. Kristian Mjøen, Director of the UN Centre, explains:

In order for thousands of cities around the world to reach the UN SDG, they will need solutions delivered from these companies. We look forward to contributing, through the UN Center, to highlight and grow the unique capability these companies represent, in both national and international arenas.

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Wilfried Pimenta, Director of Business Development of the IOTA Foundation, describes that IOTA is looking forward to launching further sustainable innovations and expanding their partner network:

We are thrilled to expand our cooperation with Trondheim towards the UN SDGs. By leveraging on Trondheim as a real-world city testbed and the UN Center as SDG collaboration network, the IOTA team is eager to expand its partner ecosystem, make sustainable innovation happen and replicate best practices in Norway and internationally.

The joint cooperation agreement was signed in Trondheim, Norway on 05.02.2020 by the Mayor of the Municipality of Trondheim, the IOTA Foundation and the above mentioned companies.

IOTA: Big plans for 2020

IOTA will use this year to abolish the coordinator and thus become the “first and only truly scalable and decentralized DLT”. With the launch of the Alphanet for Coordicide a few days ago, IOTA has taken an important step towards realising the abolition of the coordinator by the end of 2020. Until the launch of Coordicide in Mainnet, the interim update Chrysalis, the IOTA Tangle is to be positioned as an enterprise-ready solution.

However, it remains to be seen whether IOTA will actually be able to keep its promises. The price of MIOTA has recorded an upward trend of 2.47% to a price of USD 0.3351 within the last 24 hours.

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