TRON plans to oust Twitch, Netflix and Youtube from the market with new project

  • TRON founder Justin Sun announced a secret project on Twitter that will replace video platforms like Netflix and YouTube.
  • The new project will bring “multi-billion dollar value” to BitTorrent and the TRON ecosystem.

The founder of TRON, Justin Sun, is known for his aggressive marketing across all social media channels and has already caused a stir in the past with mysterious tweets. The latest project is secret for the time being, but is supposed to compete directly with Youtube or Netflix.

Competition for Netflix and Youtube through TRON

TRON last year purchased the content sharing platform BitTorrent with over 100 million active users for over $140 million, expanding TRON’s ecosystem. In addition, TRON recently acquired DLive, a blockchain-based live streaming platform, which is now migrating from the Lino blockchain to the TRON blockchain.

A few hours ago, Sun announced on Twitter that a new secret project is being launched that will bring great benefits especially to BitTorrent and DLive. The project should be able to attract up to 100 million new users and thus almost double the active user base of BitTorrent. Sun describes in detail:

Will start a secret project for @BitTorrent & @OfficialDLive. Based on conservative forecast, this project will create at least multibillion benefits for $BTT & $TRX ecosystem and attract at least 100 million new users. Details to be released! #TRON #BitTorrent

With this, Sun has once again fired up the rumour mill and stirred up the advertising drum for the company. The community speculates that a new token could be launched, but Sun denied this proposal on Twitter. Another follower describes that it could be a project based on BitTorrent and DLive, using BTFS, the BitTorrent file system. Sun responded that the new project will be based on these two platforms, but it will be much bigger and more powerful.

The BTFS is a decentralized storage system connected to the TRON ecosystem that benefits from access to over 1,000 active nodes and the scalability of the TRON blockchain. The reactions of the community were mixed, as no concrete information was announced, only rumors.

DLive was officially launched in September 2018 and has been growing rapidly to date with millions of page views per month. According to the company’s data, the platform has more than 5 million active users and more than 80,000 content producers who upload new content every day, further driving its growth.

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TRON could overtake EOS

Decentralized applications have shown strong growth at Ethereum, TRON and EOS last year. The entire dApp industry achieved a transaction volume of more than USD 23 billion in 2019. The three largest blockchains, Ethereum, TRON and EOS account for 98% of the traffic.

Ethereum is still king and leads the ranking with 1.82 million active dApp users, more than twice as many as TRON, 989,280 and EOS 729,450. Ethereum achieved a transaction volume of 12.8 billion USD, EOS 6.1 billion USD and TRON 4.4 billion USD. TRON is also referred to as the “Las Vegas on the Blockchain”, as more than 90% of the transaction volume comes from casino apps.

Tron dApps

Even if the TRON ecosystem continues to grow, it remains to be seen whether Sun can actually satisfy the hype it has sparked. Meanwhile, the price of TRX shows no reaction to the announcement, falling by 0.67% to a price of USD 0.0147.

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