TRON, Verge and Horizen are accepted by 10% of models on Pornhub

  • PornHub has revealed that about 10% of its models choose to use TRON, Verge, Horizen or other cryptocurrencies as payment method.
  • Cryptocurrencies have become an alternative that protects the privacy and security of models in the adult entertainment industry.

The cryptocurrency payment program of the adult entertainment site, Pornhub, has been expanding since its introduction in 2018. The platform has more than a billion users and has been trying for some time to encourage them to use cryptocurrencies such as TRON, Verge and Horizen as a cheaper and safer payment alternative to traditional methods. New data reveals that 10% of the performers on Pornhub prefer to use these and other cryptocurrencies to receive their payments.

At the end of January this year, Pornhub advised its users to download the TRONlink wallet to take advantage of the additional privacy features. Last year TRON partnered with Tether to issue USDT through the TRX blockchain. The partnerships are part of the incentives the platform is offering in its cryptocurrency payment program. According to Pornhub, their payment options in cryptocurrencies have no transaction costs, are processed in seconds and offer greater protection for users’ privacy.

Last year, new regulations in the United States forced PayPal to withdraw as a payment option for Pornhub. Therefore, the platform has been redoubling its efforts to integrate cryptocurrencies into its platforms through different cooperations. Pornhub generates more than 2.7 billion page views per month and more than 30 billion page views per year.

Payments with cryptocurrencies in Pornhub have remained stable

In an interview with TheBlock, Pornhub Vice President Corey Price revealed that payments with cryptocurrencies have remained “fairly stable”:

The number of users paying for Premium subscriptions in crypto has remained fairly steady since we introduced it as a payment option.

However, Price said that 10% of the models and actors have chosen to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. This is a higher growth rate than users who choose to pay for their subscriptions in cryptocurrencies:

There are many reasons why cryptocurrencies are viable in the adult entertainment industry. We’ve found that the high speed and low cost of transactions, combined with the anonymity benefits, make it especially appealing to models over traditional tender.

Pornhub’s vice president also revealed that the platform hired a cryptocurrency expert as part of its business team. In this way, the platform seeks to add flexible payment methods that give priority and security to its users and models. In addition, Price revealed that Pornhub could soon integrate payments with Bitcoin and Ethereum to:

provide its users with as many user-friendly and convenient payment options as possible. We are continually exploring a wide range of options to cater to what works best for our models and fans.

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