Tron: Is Justin Sun promoting a scam? – TRX price rises by 12.34%

  • The price of Tron has seen an increase of 12.34% and passed the $ 0.015 USD barrier.
  • Justin Sun promotes a new game “” that runs entirely on the Tron blockchain.

The price of Tron (TRX) has seen an increase around 12.34%. At the time of publication the price stands at $ 0.014335 USD with a profit of 1.25% in the last 24 hours. Also, after reaching 0.01675 USD on November 28th it went through a downward trend to touch one of its lowest prices, as shown in the chart of the last six months, at $ 0.01276 USD.

Tron’s recent upward trend could be linked to the launch of The platform has received great promotion from Tron’s CEO, Justin Sun, and great reviews from the community.

Justin Sun is accused of promoting a scam

As reported by the Tron Foundation through its Twitter account, the game was launched on December 22nd this year. In the first 30 minutes of its launch, according to Sun, the platform had a transaction volume of 400 million TRX.

The game is supported by the Fomo3D team and has received constant promotion from Sun. The CEO of the Tron Foundation said that all operations of the game run on the Tron blockchain and will not receive any human intervention.

The purpose of the game is all about buying “boxes” at the official website. That way box holders will receive rewards through the platform and can earn loyalty points. Players can also receive rewards with a referral program. However, the cryptocommunity has criticized Sun and Just.Game for having the traits of a Ponzi scheme.

Sun himself left his player referral link on his Twitter account, after making a live broadcast to answer questions about the game and Tron. He referred to the tests to implement protected transactions through zk-SNARK.

Although he tried to buy a box in the broadcast, Sun didn’t manage to complete the purchase. It’s an indicator that the game is in its early stages. Questions remain about its operation and ability to deliver rewards to the “players”.

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Tron and his legal struggle against Disney

On the other hand, it became known this week that Tron filed applications at the U.S. Patent Office. However, the entertainment company, Disney, stood between the foundation headed by Justin Sun and blocked the granting of patents under the name “TRON”. Disney claims that this registration could damage the franchise concept.

In another possible effort to gain attention for the Tron Foundation, Justin Sun announced that he wants to make a $1 million donation to Greta Thunberg. Sun said he identifies with the young activist’s passion and wants to implement decentralized settlements to reduce carbon emissions.

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