Partnerships that can drive the price of Stellar Lumens (XLM) in 2020

  • Stellar Lumens has established promising partnerships that could have a positive impact on the XLM course next year.
  • This year, XLM’s performance falls short of the community’s expectations.

The price movement of Stellar Lumens (XLM) is one of the worst in 2019 on the market. In total, the cryptocurrency registered losses of 55%, followed by NEM with losses of 48% and IOTA (47%). However, innovative projects were created on the Stellar Lumens platform that could change the downward performance of XLM in 2020.

Stellar Lumens and its most important partners for 2020

Below is a list of the projects that keep the Stellar platform as a competitor to Ethereum and one of the platforms with the most potential. In 2020 the development of these projects could define Stellar’s course in the long term and create an open, transparent and massively adopted environment.

The IBM Universal Payment Solution

The partnership between Stellar Lumens and the giant IBM has caused excitement and its advances could make a difference in 2020. IBM  is using the Stellar network as a hub of a payment structure that offers security, transparency and access to financial services.

The project was developed as a payment platform, according to Jesse Lund Vice President of IBM Blockchain, built on the Stellar Lumens blockchain. The platform uses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to transfer and deposit value by issuing tokens that pass through the Stellar network.

According to experts, the IBM/Stellar platform could replace the SWIFT/IBAN system currently in use. Lund summed up the possibilities of the project, its implications for the economy and the potential for enabling everyone to access banking services in one sentence: “Imagine a world where everyone has money”.

Stellar X

Stellar X is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. Peer-to-Peer trading operation allows users to get Bitcoin with fiat money. The platform is free and reimburses network costs.

In addition, the platform allows users to withdraw, deposit and convert funds into cryptocurrencies or fiat money, exchange tokens for their native coins or make deposits directly into a bank account. The platform has these functions built into the portfolio, making the user experience accessible and intuitive.

Sure Remit

One of the regions that offers great potential for the development of cryptocurrencies and their use cases is Africa. The Sure Remit network allows African citizens to send money, vouchers and pay bills from abroad to their home countries.

Sure Remit’s services are aimed at expanding the remittance business. Network users can respond to and meet the needs of their families and loved ones instantly.

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Sure Remit uses the Stellar Lumens blockchain protocol to support the RMT ecosystem services and the RMT platform token. In addition, Stellar’s blockchain allows Sure Remit’s network to be inexpensive, with little or no fees.


Another company offering remittance services is Tempo. In 2018 it became an ally of Stellar Lumens to use its platform and reduce its fees. In addition, with Stellar’s network, Tempo’s platform can make more than 50,000 transactions for a little less than one cent on the dollar.

Tempo has a great presence in Europe. The alliance allows users of the platform to buy XLM directly from the application.


SatoshiPay is one of the innovative platforms in the branch of micropayments. After going through migrations on various platforms, it finally made a partnership with the Stellar platform.

SatoshiPay allows websites to profit from their visitors. Websites can benefit by obtaining a non-invasive form of micro-financing that allows users who want to view the content to contribute a few cents.

Stellar Lumens Financing Plan

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) presented the project’s financing plan for the next 10 years. The SDF still has 30 billion Stellar Lumens (XLM) after burning half of the funds it had.

The plan is to release 3 billion XLM every year until 2023. After this year, the remaining 18 billion will be distributed in the following years. Much of the funds will be invested in political efforts, trade relations, ecosystem promotion and technical development.

The price of the XLM is $ 0.046 USD, at the time of publication, and shows a loss of 0.04% in the last 24 hours.

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