Sports betting giant integrates Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple’s XRP and Litecoin

  • The sports betting platform Luckbox has announced the deposits for Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin.
  • Luckbox is working together with the payment service provider Cryptopay to process payments securely, easily and quickly.

The adaptation of cryptocurrencies is largely responsible for strengthening trust in the new technology and its distribution. It is therefore all the more important that companies with a large audience accept cryptocurrencies as legal means of payment. Luckbox has listened to the community and now offers deposit options for various cryptocurrencies.

Luckbox accepts BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP

The sports betting provider Luckbox has recorded a steadily increasing demand for alternative means of payment in the form of cryptocurrencies in the last few days and weeks. Luckbox has taken up the community’s request and announced a few hours ago that from now on deposits of Bitcoin, Ether, XRP and Litecoin are accepted.

For this purpose Luckbox works together with the payment service provider Cryptopay. Cryptopay is specialized in providing companies with a simple all-in-one solution to accept cryptocurrencies easily and securely as a means of payment. Depositing works the same way as with traditional payment methods such as Paypal or a credit card.

Depositing crypto-currencies is usually done within a few minutes. Quentin Martin, COO of Luckbox, describes that the community has been pushing to take this step and keep up with the trend of the times. Martin wants to add more services around cryptocurrencies, as this will allow new customers to be addressed:

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We’re seeing an increasing demand among users to use crypto across the whole igaming industry and we’re delighted to be able to respond to the preference of our players by providing it as an option.

Luckbox maintains a close relationship with the community and is always eager to pursue new innovative ideas and integrate them into the platform if required. He states:

At Luckbox, we’re constantly striving to be at the forefront of innovation, trying new ideas and, of course, we want to give our players as much choice as possible.

Adaptation of cryptocurrencies is increasing worldwide

Examples such as Luckbox show that cryptocurrencies are on the rise worldwide and companies must meet the demands of their customers to remain competitive in today’s world. According to data from a new study by SEMrush, Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular as a means of payment worldwide. In Italy, Bitcoin is used more often (215,800 times) to pay for online purchases than American Express or the credit card.

Furthermore, the “Swiss Amazon”, Digitec Galaxus, announced last year that it will accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether or XRP as legal means of payment. There is a minimum order value of 200 Swiss francs and a fee of 1.5% of the purchase price is charged.

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