IOTA expands team to drive adoption of Tangle foward

  • The IOTA Foundation introduces new members of its teams.
  • IOTA continues to drive adoption and create partnerships to expand use cases for the Tangle.

The IOTA Foundation introduced four new members who will drive the projects of the institution. The Foundation has worked throughout 2019 to create, find and expand Tangle use cases.

The members are specialists in different areas. From business analysts to operating system engineers, all will have a purpose in the IOTA Foundation.

New members to improve IOTA’s operation

The first of the new members is Krzysztof Taraszka. He will work as a Senior Systems Operations Engineer for the IOTA engineering team and will be responsible for maintaining the IOTA systems in optimal condition. On joining IOTA, Taraszka said he was happy to be part of a project that will change the world.

The second of the new members is Tara Merk. She recently completed an MSc in computer systems management and will be a Junior Analyst for Business Development. She will be focused on driving the adoption of IOTA by creating business strategies to use the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and the Internet of Things.

The third addition to IOTA will be graphic designer Aleksa Krstić. His job will be to create images and text that can convey and impress the purpose of IOTA on people. On becoming a member of the Foundation he said that IOTA’s technology can have a broad impact on society.

The latest addition to the IOTA Foundation is Alex Westerhof. He will be one of the new Direct Partners of the Foundation and will focus on managing and supporting partnnerships of IOTA. He will also coordinate and plan appropriate strategies for the projects developed by the Foundation.

Progress of IOTA Foundation in 2019

The work of each member will be relevant and will integrate technology, business and alliance building. On this last point the IOTA Foundation has made great progress.

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The latest cooperation was made with MoonPay. The partnership will involve an expansion in the IOTA infrastructure, but also implies that users will be able to acquire IOTA directly from the Trinity wallet.

In addition, the company will join EDAG to contribute to the Citybot project. An autonomous vehicle with various services such as taxi, garbage disposal and package delivery. The Citybot uses IOTA as part of the data transfer and payment protocol.

The year 2020 promises to bring more partnerships and progress for the IOTA Foundation. The Foundation team published a roadmap containing the most important objectives. The document states that it will seek to improve and further develop signature schemes, autopeering and a first prototype of the Rust Node with a new type of smart contracts and Oracles based on the IOTA Tangle.

The price of IOTA (MIOTA) is, at the time of publication, $ 0.16 USD with a slight loss (0.65%) in the last 24 hours.

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