Hoskinson: Delegation will pitch Cardano to Fortune 500 companies

  • After the Cardano OBFT hard fork was implemented without any issues, IOHK is working on completing the Byron reboot update by the end of March.
  • In a PwC workshop a delegation of Cardano representatives will pitch the technology to Fortune 500 companies.

In a new video update, Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), spoke about the latest developments of Cardano. He also gave an overview of the upcoming events in the coming weeks. As Hoskinson explained, the OBFT hard fork ran without any problems. According to the CEO of the company responsible for the development of Cardano, the update was activated without “anyone noticing anything, it just happened”.

Currently, IOHK is working on the Byron reboot update, which affects the wallet site. It’s the second major milestone for the launch of Shelley. While the OBFT hard fork was just executed in the background with no impact on the user, Byron Reboot will focus on the retail side.

Among other things, the Daedalus wallet will get a new feature called “Fast Sync”, which allows the wallet user to synchronize the blockchain much faster than before. According to Hoskinson, current benchmarks show that the entire blockchain can be synchronized within an hour using this function. There will also be some new features on the user interface. As Hoskinson promised, the update could also provide compatibility with the Ledger hardware Wallets.

As for the schedule, Byron Reboot will be released in March. At that time the Shelley launch party will also be announced. The previous plan to hold it in Kyoto remains in place. However, as Japan is very close to China, this is not yet definite due to the coronavirus. A final decision will be made in March, according to Hoskinson:

The Byron Reboot release is very significant. We are seizing up exactly everything what gonna be in it. […] So we are finishing up the sprint for this month and the next sprint will be the polishing and finishing sprint for Byron Reboot. So with any lack, mid-March is when we expect to see that. Although there are certain thresholds that we have to cross.

As Hoskinson continues to point out, there are currently a few problems in the code that need to be fixed.

Cardano delegation will speak to Fortune 500 companies

A workshop with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) will be held on 6 or 7 March, attended by representatives of Emurgo, the chairman of the Cardano Foundation and Hoskinson himself. The aim of the workshop will be to develop a strategy in cooperation with PwC on how Cardano can be commercialized. Thanks to PwC’s networking contacts, Hoskinson and Co. will also be able to speak to Fortune 500 companies.

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The Fortune 500 is a list compiled by Fortune magazine that lists the 500 largest American companies. Hoskinson said about the workshop with PwC:

This also includes Fortune 500 alignment. Because PwC has such a great portfolio of clients in that range they can allow us to have a direct line of access to a lot of different Fortune 500 firms to have conversations with. And we basically pitch them Cardano.

Hoskinson will also travel to Africa, including South Africa to speak with the president, as well as to Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania to meet with political leaders. Charles said:

We will have some cool announcements there.

The Cardano price is currently following market sentiment and has fallen 2.5% over the past 24 hours. The share price stands at around USD 0.058 at the time of writing.

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