Ethereum-based blockchain game partners with Atletico Madrid, Schalke 04 and Valencia CF

  • The blockchain fantasy game Sorare has won over prominent partners like Schalke 04, Atletico Madrid and Valencia.
  • The cooperation can further advance the adaptation of the blockchain and thus the acceptance in the population.

Sorare is a fantasy game based on the Ethereum Blockchain where users can collect unique cards and compete against each other. These cards are simply digital identities of the world’s best football players that can be collected, bought and exchanged. Sorare was able to win several prominent football clubs as cooperation partners.

Atletico Madrid, West Ham United and Schalke 04 are already on board.

A total of 23 leading football clubs from all over the world have registered to date. These include Spanish heavyweights such as Valencia CF or Atletico Madrid and the German top club Schalke 04. This development is a major step forward for the blockchain industry. The potential of the same for the gaming industry has already been recognized by numerous tech giants.

Ubisoft and ConsenSys are already among the sponsors supporting the project financially. The blockchain allows players to transfer the actual ownership of the items, whereas in classic computer games items are on the player’s account, but can be deducted by the company as needed.

By using the blockchain, cards can actually be transferred and ownership transferred to a user. There are three different categories of playing cards:

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  • Unique: There is only one card in the whole game.
  • Super rare: There are only 10 copies in circulation.
  • Rarely: There are 100 copies of the card in the game.

A complete football team consists of a 5-man team consisting of 2 defenders, 2 midfielders and 2 attackers (one player is intended for substitution). Once the team is set up, the players can compete against each other and win weekly prizes in the form of Ether (ETH). In addition, tradable products can be purchased with Ether or by credit card.

The fictitious football players used can also collect experience points and become stronger with regular use, so that its value can also increase in the long term. The more experience points are collected, the greater the stake to be won. If certain levels are reached, unique or super rare cards as well as higher Ether commissions can be earned.

Demand for blockchain gaming growing worldwide

As part of the partnership announced yesterday between Sorare and Bethereum, the “2nd Free-To-Play (F2P) eSports Cup” will take place and start today. All players can win Bether-Tokens as well as limited Sorare ERC-721 football cards. Nicolas Julia, CEO at Sorare, describes that the use of the blockchain provides a fair and open gaming ecosystem:

We are very proud to kickstart this collaboration with Bethereum. We share the same mission of transparent and fair gaming. Today’s announcement marks a new step in our vision to create a global and open gaming ecosystem.

A study conducted by Technavio shows that the global gaming market will grow by 10% to a volume of USD 90.1 billion by 2023 through the use of the blockchain. Technavio expects the blockchain to provide new growth opportunities for the growing gaming industry:

The integration of blockchain technology also provides decentralized asset exchange, verifiable scarcity of virtual objects, fast and secure payment networks, and can enable game service providers or game developers to monetize their gaming services. Thus, it is expected that the integration of blockchain technology in the gaming industry will present a huge growth opportunity for market participants during the forecast period.

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