In this article we show you how to buy UNUS SED LEO quickly and easily. You can find the current UNUS SED LEO token price on our price overview page.

    UNUS SED LEO is a token that has special functions on the Bitfinex exchange, similar to the Binance Coin on Binance. All users of the platform who hold LEO worth 1-5000 USDT will receive 15% on trading fees. With a volume of 5,000 to 10,000 USDT, users receive a further 10% discount, i.e. a total of 25%. Bitfinex has also announced that it will gradually buy back and burn the tokens (analogous to the Binance Coin Burn). This is to increase the value of the token.

    However, before you read our LEO Buying Instructions, you must make an important decision. Depending on which option you choose, we will show you on which exchange you should choose.

    We’ll give you buying instructions for these two exchanges:

    1. Bitfinex
    2. OKEx

    Buy UNUS SED LEO on Bitfinex

    Bitfinex is one of the oldest exchanges on the market and was founded in 2012. We have been a regular customer of the exchange for 4 years now and are completely satisfied with the user interface and the support. The Exchange now offers more than 100 different cryptocurrencies for trading, including the new LEO Token.

    The first step is to create an account on the official website of the exchange. Click on the following link which will take you directly to the registration page. Then click on “Sign Up” in the upper right corner. Then you have to enter a username, your email address and a password.

    buy LEO token on Bitfinex

    When you have entered all the necessary information, click on “Open Account”. Bitfinex will then send you an email containing a confirmation link. Open your mailbox and click on the link to activate your account. Now you can log in.

    There are now several ways you can buy the LEO token:

    1. You deposit USD into your account and buy the LEO token. This requires, however, that you verify your identity as you are trading Fiat money.
    2. Furthermore you have the possibility to deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS or Tether on Bitfinex and trade them against LEO.

    We’ll show you how to purchase LEO quickly and easily with both options. In order to secure your account to the maximum, you should activate 2-factor authentication. You can find the respective settings by clicking on “Account” in the upper right corner and then on “Security”. Everything else Bitfinex explains in great detail and it is very easy to understand.

    Buy UNUS SED LEO with USD

    As mentioned before, you must first verify your identity in order to buy LEO per USD. Click on “Account” in the upper right corner. Then you get to a new view where you click on “Verification”. Now you should have arrived at this landing page:

    LEO token on Bitfinex

    In order to use the full range of functions of the exchange, it makes sense to confirm and upload all necessary information. Due to the high number of users, it can take up to 2 weeks for all submitted documents and information to be finally confirmed.

    It is important that you confirm your bank details, as you will need them to deposit USD to your account. When you have done this, click on “Deposit” in the navigation bar. Then you can choose between different currencies, Euro, Japanese Yen, Pound or USD. Now click on your local currency and follow the instructions to transfer the amount you want to your account.

    how to buy LEO token

    Once you have successfully done this, there are only two small steps left to buy UNUS SED LEO. Click on “Trading” in the upper navigation next to the Bitfinex logo. Then enter LEO in the column “Ticker” in the search field. Now select for example “USD” if you want to buy LEO with your deposited USD, in the screenshot both are framed in red.

    purchase LEO token on Bitfinex

    Next you have to click on “Order Form”. Now you can choose different options how you want to buy LEO. “Limit”, “Market” or “Stop-Limit”. We briefly explain the terms mentioned:

    1. A limit order is a buy order that is only executed when the price you set is reached. If this is not the case, your purchase order will not be executed and your order will remain open. You can delete and re-position your order at any time (before execution).
    2. The market order is a buy order that is executed immediately at the current market price. The market order is particularly suitable for beginners and investors who have little time, as the order is normally executed immediately. Therefore we recommend you to use Market-Order.

    Now select “Market” and enter in the right column how much LEO you want to buy. On the left side you will see the approximate price for your purchase. If everything fits, you can click on “Exchange Buy”.

    Your purchase order will be executed immediately and you are now the proud owner of the LEO token.

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    Buy UNUS SED LEO with Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and Tether

    You can deposit BTC, ETH, EOS and USDT on the wallet of Bitfinex and then trade the respective crypto currencies against LEO. We show you exemplary how it works with Bitcoin.

    If you already have Bitcoin, you can transfer it directly to the Bitfinex Bitcoin Wallet. If you want to buy Bitcoin, take a closer look at our “how to buy Bitcoin guide“. In the purchase process you simply enter the address of the Bitfinex Bitcoin Wallet as “Receive Address”.

    The address of the Bitfinex Bitcoin Wallet can be found as follows:

    1. Click in the navigation on “Deposit”.
    2. Search the list for Bitcoin and click on it.
    3. Copy the address and paste it into another exchange or wallet from which you want to send your Bitcoins. A small deposit fee of 0.0004 BTC (as of July 2019) is charged for deposits worth less than 1,000 USD.

    When you have received your Bitcoins on your wallet, click on “Trading” in the navigation next to the Bitfinex logo. Then enter “LEO” in the search field and click on “BTC”, marked red twice in the screenshot. Then click on “Order Form”. Now you select Market as your purchase order is to be executed immediately. In the right column, enter how much LEO you want to buy. In the left column you will see how much BTC it will cost.

    market order for LEO UNUS token

    If everything fits, you can click on “Exchange Buy” and your purchase order will normally be executed immediately. Now you’re the proud owner of an LEO token.

    Buy UNUS SED LEO at OKEx

    OKEx is another UNUS SED LEO broker based on the island of Malta. The Exchange was founded in 2014 and is today one of the largest exchanges in the world. In total, more than 750 employees already work for the company, figures continue to rise.

    We have been among the regular customers since the start of the exchange, as we are completely satisfied with the user interface and the English-language support. This tutorial shows you how to deposit Bitcoin on the exchange OKEx and then trade it against the LEO token.

    You can either transfer Bitcoin from another Exchange or Wallet to the Bitcoin Wallet of OKEx or buy Bitcoin directly from OKEx. But first you have to create an account on the official website. Click on this link which will take you directly to the registration page. When registering, after entering your email address, click on “Get Code” and the screenshot will show red. OKEx will immediately send you a mail containing a code. You have to enter this code in the field “Email Code”.

    sign up Okex

    This is a security feature and protects the Exchange from bot attacks. You still have to assign a password and accept the terms of use. Then click on “Sign Up”. Now you can log into your account and deposit Bitcoin into the wallet of OKEx. Click on the tab “Account” and then on “Deposit“. You’re going to land on a new landing page. In the “Token” column, select Bitcoin. Now you will be shown your Bitcoin reception address, also called “Deposit Address”.

    buy LEO token on Okex

    Send your Bitcoin to this address in order to trade Bitcoin against LEO directly afterwards. You can easily and securely buy Bitcoin on Litebit and send it to the address shown here.

    Once your bitcoins have arrived on OKEx, you can trade them against LEO. Click on the “Spot Trading” tab in the navigation bar and then on “Crypto”, both are highlighted in red in the next screenshot. Enter “LEO” in the search field. Now select the trading pair LEO/BTC, marked orange. In the field “Amount” you have to enter how much LEO you want to buy, marked green.

    how to buy LEO token on Okex

    In the field “Total BTC”, which we have marked yellow here, you can see the price in BTC for your LEO tokens. Now you just have to click on the green button “Buy LEO”. There are many different types of orders, but at this point we will not explain them all.

    The most important are “Limit” and “Market”. A limit order is a buy order that is only triggered when the price reaches the limit price you set. However, it is possible that your purchase order will not be fulfilled if your price is not reached. It is better to use the “Market” order at this point. Your purchase order will then be executed immediately at the current market price. This type of order is particularly suitable for beginners and investors who bring little time.

    If everything has now worked successfully, you are the proud owner of a LEO token. OKEx also offers trading with triple lever. However, be aware at this point that a leverage trade can result in large losses.

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