VeChain: VeriArti launches VET payments for 4 million WooCommerce shops

  • The VeriArti team has released a tool to convert Fiat to VeChain’s token, VET. The tool is called ThorCommerce V.1.
  • ThorCommerce can be used in any of the 4 million WooCommerce shops. 

The team behind VeriArti announced the launch of a tool to boost the adoption of VeChainThor’s Token VET: ThorCommerce. The tool can be used to convert fiat money to VET. ThorCommerce was designed for cryptocurrencies users who want to safeguard their data and avoid more traditional payment methods such as PayPal.

According to the official website, VeriArti is a digital marketplace based on VeChainThor that allows artists to tokenize their work. In addition, artists can create unique immutable tokens that are known as VRA NFT-181. The tokens can be used as proof that a work belongs to a certain author. Furthermore, the tokens can also be traded on VeriArti.

ThorCommerce to increase the use of VeChain’s VET

The VeriArti team developed ThorCommerce to provide an option for users who want to trade and buy with VET. The tool is integrated into WordPress and can be used in over 4 million WooCommerce stores and will also allow customers and merchants to use the token with an address or QR code. Here is how the tool can be activated in WordPress:

VeChain VET


The VeriArti team also added features that facilitates VET trading. For example, traders can increase or decrease the percentage of VET needed relative to their cost in fiat currency. This feature can be used to give discounts or make other promotions. When using the tool, traders is given an “on hold” option that they must confirm to release the order. The process is shown in the image below:

VeChain VET


Regarding the launch, VeriArti team has stated:

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We have uploaded the plugin to the WordPress repository and are waiting a few days for it to go live. We shall make plugin free to use and in V.2 aim to include VTHO for payments.

The VeChainThor blockchain has seen the emergence of new projects during the month of February. As reported by CNF, yesterday the company Real Items launched its digital marketplace for consumers and producers. The company uses the VET blockchain and validates the authenticity of the products available. In addition, users can be part of the process using a QR code to receive complete information about the origin and quality of the product.

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