TRON will distribute 50 million TRX to Super Representatives

  • TRON will donate a total of 50 million TRX to the Super Representatives.
  • This is TRON’s way of saying thank you for the good cooperation and strong growth over the past year.

TRON has continued its steady growth over the past year and has established numerous valuable partnerships. Not only TRON Blockchain has continued to grow, but also BitTorrent and other TRON-based products. TRON would now like to show its appreciation to the Super Representatives (SRs).

Super Representatives receive a reward of 50 million TRX

Last year, the community submitted two suggestions for upgrading the network. Suggestion number 27 included increasing the platform’s block rewards. This proposal was accepted and increased the SR rewards to 16 TRX and the staking rewards for the first 127 SRs to 160 TRX. TRON stated at that time:

The NO. 27 Proposal and the approved NO. 22 Proposal are milestones for TRON in its implementation of the new incentive mechanism. […] This marks an age of Staking for everyone on the TRON network where greater user engagement in a prosperous TRON ecosystem will definitely engage more people in Staking and sharing staking rewards as never before, making the network even safer and more efficient.

TRON wants to reward SRs for their commitment and will therefore donate 50 million TRX (worth around $661,000 USD at the current TRX price). A total of 20 community-based SRs were selected to strengthen further collaboration. The report describes:

To thank SRs for their remarkable contributions, in November 2019, TRON Foundation rewarded community SRs with 50 million TRX, hoping to see their continued effort in maintaining a healthy TRON ecosystem.

The SRs will receive their share in proportion to the blocks they have created since the Genesis block. The following SR’s have participated and will receive the amounts shown and will be paid out to the winners within the next 10 working days.

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TRON Super Reprensentatives


TRON looks optimistically into the future

Most recently, TRON was named “Most Innovative Blockchain of 2019” at the “Keeping Pace with the Time” awards ceremony in China. The jury noted a constant and healthy growth. The number of available dApps in the TRON network has increased from 117 to 659. In addition, the number of active users increased from 72,732 to 972,805. The number of dApp transactions has increased from 99,607,278 to 368,245,394.

Furthermore, the TRON ecosystem continues to grow through the new partner DLive. DLive is a blockchain-based live streaming platform that will migrate to the TRON blockchain. So far DLive is operated on the Lino blockchain, but the project will move to TRON step by step. As a result of this cooperation, more than 100 million active BitTorrent users will be able to access DLive’s services each month.

These developments show that the adaptation of TRX continues to progress. So far, however, the price of TRX has not benefited. The price of TRX has shown a slight profit (+1.54%) within the last 24 hours and stands at USD 0.0134 at the time of writing.

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