Finance Award: TRON is the most innovative blockchain of 2019

  • TRON won an award on December 27, 2019, which recognizes the project as “the most innovative blockchain of 2019”.
  • TRON also received the title of “Top 100 Blockchain Company”.

On December 27, 2019, Jince Finance hosted an event called “Keeping Pace with the Time”, attended by over 100 blockchain companies and 300 industry influencers from China and abroad. TRON was named the most innovative public blockchain of 2019 and is also listed in the “top 100 blockchain companies”.

TRON was able to establish many new partnerships and expand the ecosystem in 2019. The number of available dApps in the TRON network has increased from 117 to 659. In addition, the number of active users increased from 72,732 to 972,805. The number of dApp transactions increased from 99,607,278 to 368,245,394.

One reason for the massive increase is certainly the acquisition of BitTorrent last year. With the newly introduced products BitTorrent BTFS, BlLive and BitTorrent Speed, the platform offers its users additional products. As a result, BitTorrent has attracted more users, and according to the TRON Foundation, BitTorrent now has 170 million users who use BitTorrent products regularly each month.

In addition, the product range includes other projects such as TRONSCAN, TronLink and CoinPlay, which are designed to support TRON’s continued growth in the long term. Accordingly, TRON is looking forward to the new year with optimism:

It is a great privilege for TRON to be awarded Jinse Finance “Top 100 Blockchain Enterprises of 2019”. Going forward in 2020, TRON will remain committed to its vision — Blockchain to the power of TRON, continue to advance the blockchain industry and increase engagement with the society. Also, TRON will endeavor to extend the benefits to all loyal community members, living up to its reputation as China’s №1 public chain.

New partnerships and updates in the TRON ecosystem

A few days ago, BitTorrent announced that DLive will migrate to the TRON blockchain with 100 million active users to grow further. DLive is a blockchain-based live streaming platform that will migrate step by step from the Lino blockchain to the TRON blockchain. The developers believe the partnership will enable the Lino community to take advantage of the innovative content sharing and storage solutions offered by the BitTorrent network.

Through the partnership, BitTorrent’s 100 million active users will be able to access DLive’s service offerings each month and drive the development of DLive. DLive has grown rapidly over the past 15 months and has built a customer base of more than 5 million active users through the niche product it offers.

Furthermore, the first wave of TRON based dApps on the Samsung Blockchain Wallet was launched a few days ago. This includes the blockchain game “BlockchainCutie”, which can be played immediately. Furthermore TRON was added to the Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK at the end of October.

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The Samsung Keystore Wallet supports TRX transactions and acts as a programming interface, making distributed applications accessible to approximately one billion Samsung users. BlockchainCutie thus heralds the beginning of a wave of adaptation for further decentralized applications in the TRON ecosystem that may soon be on the rise.

The price of TRX has been trending sideways (- 1.08%) within the last 24 hours and at the time of writing stands at USD 0.0133.

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