Mainstream: The Simpsons explain Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA and Cardano

  • The popular TV series “The Simpsons” explained yesterday in a two-minute sequence how Bitcoin and Distributed Ledger technology works.
  • With this, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and IOTA are moving further into the mainstream.

Although cryptocurrencies are being portrayed in a negative light with claims such as enormous energy consumption, use for terrorist financing or money laundering, they are increasingly mentioned in the media landscape. The presence of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and IOTA. is also increasing on television.

Cryptocurrencies at the Simpsons

The Simpsons are one of the cult series of our time, with an international audience of several million viewers and the show’s existence for over 30 years. The show deals with controversial but also innovative topics that can change the life of mankind. For this reason, the producers have now decided to educate their audience about Bitcoin’s underlying Distributed Technology.

In an episode broadcast yesterday, Jim Parsons explains to young Lisa Simpson how Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) works in detail and how a common consensus is reached within the network. Lisa also learns that each transaction is stored on the blockchain in an unchangeable manner:

For a cryptocurrency to work, we need a record of every transaction that takes place. These are recorded in a so-called distributed ledger.

Afterwards, a book continues to sing:

I am a consensus of shared and synchronized digital data spread across multiple platforms from Shanghai to Grenada. Every day I am closer to being the money of the future.

Although no cryptocurrency is mentioned by name in this short explanatory video, the DLT is presented as the foundation for the “future of money”. This implies that the next digital currency will be based on the blockchain. It is also amazing that at the end of the last section the following was shown:

We also know who Satoshi is, but we are not telling you.

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Allegedly Jim Parsons, and therefore probably the producers of the show, knows who Satoshi Nakamoto really is. Satoshi Nakamoto is considered the supposed founder and creator of the world’s first crypto currency, Bitcoin. To this day, myths and legal disputes still surround the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamato, who also published the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2009.

Meanwhile, the adaptation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continues to grow. According to Coinbase, more than 9% of all Americans now own Bitcoin and are considering investing further capital in cryptocurrencies in the future.

Below you can watch the 2-minute video of the Simpsons:

Currently, the controversial founder of Bitcoin SV, Craig Wright, claims to be the true founder of Bitcoin and therefore Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright is in litigation with the heirs of David Kleiman, a former business partner of Wright, to determine the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. But there are several other candidates who could be Satoshi.

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