Litecoin and Cardano release big updates

  • The chief developer for Litecoins MimbleWimble, David Burkett, has announced that he has found a way to implement “non-interactive transactions”.
  • Cardano has released two versions of the Jormungandr node this week – 0.8.8 and 0.8.9.

David Burkett, Grin++ developer and primary developer of MimbleWimble for Litecoin, has shared a new development update with the community. MimbleWimble is a protocol for Litecoin designed to give the network more privacy and fungibility. He describes that it has found a way to implement non-interactive transactions in MW:

The biggest news from January is that I’ve found a way to support non-interactive transactions in Mimblewimble! The biggest difficulty with using MW is the need for sender and receiver to communicate, which requires receiver to be online when sending. My proposal, along with an updated version of the write-up that will be released soon, eliminates that need.

Burkett states that his proposal greatly improves user-friendliness, since sender and receiver do not have to be online at the same time. In addition, it reduces long-term maintenance requirements and improves compatibility with hardware wallets and other custody solutions.

For February, the development of further implementation rules for Litecoins Extension Blocks (EB) is at the top of the priority list. First, a number of tests must be carried out to check the entire validation. Once these tests are complete, Burkett will work on the API for the EB so that the team can prepare for the integration of the implementation database migration to libmw-core. He says:

I will also focus on getting the new one-sided tx proposals thoroughly reviewed, and if no major security concerns are found, I will create an LIP for community feedback.

The MimbleWimble protocol has been praised for the development it will have in protecting the privacy of its users. It has also been criticized because it will make Litecoin a Privacy Coin. This type of crypto currency, such as Monero, Dash and ZCash have recently come under fire.

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Cardano brings new versions of the Jormungandr Software

Cardano has introduced two new versions of the Jormungandr node software this week, 0.8.8 and 0.8.9. According to the developer Poulopoulos, version mainly fixes bootstrapping issues identified during the e2e QA tests. He says:

Improvements to logging in storage bootstrap, network tasks and chain-selection. This is expected to provide more diagnostic information on the issues seen with the node deployment. Improve bootstrapping reliability by retrying, expected to improve the connection success.

Version 0.8.9 will contain fundamental functional improvements and fix other minor bugs of the network bootstrap problem. Lastly, Charles Hoskinson announced that Cardano, in cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers, will push the commercialization of the project. Hoskinson states:

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To me it is very important that we go from the science world where we clearly won and make sure that the regular world, especially the institutional investors fully appreciate what we have been able to produce. […] So there gonna be a big effort on product management all throughout the month of February.

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