Jelurida enters into a strategic collaboration with Simplex to promote Ardor

  • Jelurida has entered into a strategic collaboration with Simplex to promote the Nxt and Ardor ecosystem.
  • ARDR will be available directly on the Jelurida website through credit card payment and from Simplex’s partners.

CNF was informed today that Jelurida, a Swiss blockchain software development company that handles the development and maintenance of the Nxt and Ardor blockchains, has entered into a strategic collaboration with Simplex. Through this, Jelurida will be able to use Simplex’s service as an industry leader for buying cryptocurrencies via fiat money.

The partnership between the two companies will enable the purchase of ARDR directly on the Jelurida website through credit card payment, as well as being available directly through Simplex‘s extensive partner network. With this new move, Jelurida underscores its mission to promote the Nxt and Ardor ecosystem and encourage new implementations.

Jelurida’s role in the Nxt and Ardor ecosystem

Jelurida was founded in 2016 in the Netherlands with the goal of developing and maintaining the Nxt and Ardor blockchain platforms, ensuring the sustainability and longevity of both projects, and exploring commercial opportunities based on the deployment of public, private, and hybrid blockchain solutions. In 2017, Jelurida moved main operations to Switzerland and expanded internationally: to Spain, Israel, Netherlands, Bulgaria, South Korea and Nigeria.

To drive the commercial use of Nxt and Ardor, the company aims to help enterprises, startups, organizations, academics, and individuals incorporate blockchain technology into their business or project. To do so, entities can license Jelurida’s technology for a private blockchain implementation based on Nxt or Ardor, or launch a custom child chain on the Ardor platform to leverage its hybrid permission and public consensus-as-a-service offering.

Ardor has its roots in Nxt which was launched in 2013 by anonymous software developer BCNext as a second-generation cryptocurrency designed to support additional features beyond a simple store of value. The platform continuously prunes transactions to avoid bloating, using hashes to leave a lightweight evidential trail that transactions took place.

Furthermore, Jelurida also built Ignis as a main child chain of Ardor to offer a set of ready-made applications and features. These include exchanges as well as voting systems, marketplaces, monetary systems, and account and transaction control mechanisms.

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