Crypto VPN: Whim or need?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming a part of the life of an increasing number of people, but unfortunately, not everyone approaches this issue carefully enough. Before you start diving into the world of crypto, you must study all the pitfalls. The best place to start is to dispel the myth about the complete security and anonymity of cryptocurrency transactions. First of all, this will help us to understand whether our operations with cryptocurrencies need additional protection in the form of a VPN.

Do you need to use VPN to buy crypto?

Most often, average users have the illusion of complete anonymity of cryptocurrencies. In fact, neither Bitcoin nor other coins, except for the private ones like Monero or Zcash, are not completely secure. For hackers, it’s easy to deanonymize you by connecting wallet with IP. And also you leave your IP trail after registering on various exchanges or make purchases using cryptocurrencies.

There are a lot of hazards when you are working with crypto. Even coins from offline wallets can be stolen by Trojans if they identify your personal data. Also, anyone can become a victim of cryptojacking, when hackers use your CPU for crypto mining, or phishing attacks when your data and coins are being stolen from different platforms. And of course, you need to choose only trusted exchanges and be attentive to crypto startups, since many of them are fakes and scammers whose only goal is to get information about you and your money.

Of course, modern security technologies have not passed by the developers of cryptocurrency protocols. They work with using end-to-end encryption, and therefore it is almost impossible to intercept your data. VPN in this case is a way to increase the degree of privacy and security. We think you’ll agree that it’s always better to play it safe. Weigh the pros and cons, study user reviews before submitting information about yourself on various platforms and download a VPN just to be sure. For example, Indacoin app and website are provided with strongest and innovative fraud prevention technology, but VPN might be a cherry on top of it.

VPN helps to make the interception of your data a more difficult task for hackers and other ill-wishers  adds another layer of security against attacks and hides your real IP address. Moreover, if it is a high-quality VPN it must have a kill-switch, not to store all your data and logs.

Can I buy VPN with BTC?

Choosing a reliable VPN is no less difficult than finding such an exchange. First of all, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Be careful with the free VPN services, because it is a common practice when such services actually collect your data for their benefit. The same goes for the VPNs based in “Five Eyes” countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc) because they will definitely give your data to surveillance agencies and the government if they request it. According to statistics the best VPN providers are based in countries like Panama, or Switzerland.

We decided to simplify your life and studied the most recommended VPN services on the internet, with which you can buy BTC and crypto in general. Here is the list of our leading crypto VPN that allow you to do so:


By the way, this VPN is based in Panama. That’s a good option with the automatic kill-switch, no logs policy, DNS leak resolver and, with the wide choice of accepted coins.


CyberGhost has as well as the NordVPN strong privacy features. The main advantages of this VPN are the speed of network servers and the beginner’s friendly interface.


SurfShark is a crypto VPN that allows you to sign up anonymously. The speed of the network and secure level are really high. And there is also a split tunneling function to bypass strong web-filtering.

Is it safe to use VPN?

We have already figured out that if you do not save on VPN and consider all the options in detail, you can be calm about your data and security on the Internet. But can you be sure that all your actions with the crypto using VPN are legal?

Users commonly associate VPN with criminal activity on the Internet. But confidentiality is an important need not only for illegal operations but also for ordinary users who want to be sure in the safety of their private data and business representatives. So responsibility for actions lies with the person, not the service that he uses.

VPN services are legal almost worldwide (excluding Iran and UAE), you can find some available VPNs even in countries such as China, where options like this are not so widespread because they have to be licensed.


When you are dealing with finance – be it fiat or crypto, security comes first. It is important to choose platforms for transactions and exchanges on which security level is high in itself, and the reputation of which is good. Nevertheless, a reliable VPN will allow you to minimize the risks of data leakage and keep your anonymity safe, fast and legally.

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