8Hours launches NFT game on the VeChain Thor blockchain

  • With VIMWorld the VeChain Thor Blockchain has received a new use case in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) game.
  • The VIMs, the NFTs can be traded on the VIMExchange and on any VeChainThor VIP181 compliant NFT marketplace.

VeChain has gained a new use case with VIMWorld. The 8Hours Foundation has launched the game on the VeChainThor blockchain, the “world’s first blockchain based tabletop game ecosystem”, which aims to bring people together for at least eight hours a week in a fun way, enabling them to engage in meaningful social interactions. The ecosystem will support multiple games and services that use the 8Hours Token (EHrTs). The VeChain Foundation commented via Twitter:

Congratulations to the @8Hours_Official team on the big milestone launch. The VeChainThor blockchain with its meta-transactions and fee delegation is the perfect choice for #NFTs and gaming use cases and we look forward to seeing the success of VIMWorld.

In the blog post post, the 8Hours Foundation describes how today’s communication technologies are the junk food equivalent of social engagement – “they feel good, they make us think we’re “full”, but, in fact, they make us more likely to experience feelings of isolation and stress”. To combat this problem, the 8Hours Foundation has designed its concept:

It was clear to us that not only a new game was needed – there are many of them – but a completely new system that creates incentives and rewards the participants. An ecosystem that brings everyone together and adds value to both physical toys and objects and their digital counterparts. Today we officially announce VIMWorld, a revolutionary non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem powered by EHrTs and made possible by the 8-hour ecosystem of games.

VIMWorld is a non-fungible token ecosystem (NFT) that is designed to create a space where “entrepreneurship and play are mutually beneficial”. At the heart of VIMWorld are the VIMs, non-fungible tokens that provide an authentication system and allow their owners to both store values and build value through play and meaningful connections to others.

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The value of these NFTs is created by connecting the 8Hours and PlayTable ecosystem with VIMs that allow game data and progress to be stored on NFTs while serving as ownership features for players, collectors and more. In addition, VIMs are grouped into different rarities and levels. They can be traded on the VIMExchange and on a special marketplace for all 8Hours NFTs. VIMs can also be bought and sold on any VeChainThor VIP181-compatible NFT marketplace.

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