The Top 9 Crypto Gainers for 30x Gains – Get These Cryptos while on Presale

  • Every investor wants to know which projects are going to be the top crypto gainers so that they can get in early and maximize their gains.
  • One secret way to find projects set to soar is to check out the most exciting crypto presales, where the market cap is lowest, and the project has the most room to rise. 

So to give yourself a head start, check out this list of top 9 crypto gainers so that you can set yourself up for some massive gains by buying these cryptos before their presales end.

1. Metacade

Metacade is an innovative project that has the potential to revolutionize gaming. It is a community hub that brings gamers and crypto fans together to play, connect, and collaborate all in one place. On its platform, Metacade boasts multiple revenue streams, including on-platform advertising, competition entry fees, a project launchpad, job listings, and more.

The Metacade platform offers an innovative play-to-earn (P2E) model in which users can generate revenue by spending time doing what they love: gaming and talking about gaming. Users can earn money for sharing tips and alpha in the community boards, competing in tournaments, and — in the future — for gig work and through jobs available on Metacade’s jobs board. Additionally, there will be opportunities in place for users to earn MCADE tokens by alpha-testing early-stage games.

Holders of MCADE tokens get to vote on where funding is distributed for game development through the Metagrants program. Game developers submit proposals for new games to the Metacade community, who then choose their favorite ideas. It’s a win for gamers, who then get to be the first to play these games when they are released on Metacade.

On the investment side, Metacade has secured an audit by Certik – one of the leading blockchain security auditors – which should provide investors with assurance about the transparency of its operations. This security, coupled with an incredible start to its presale – raising over $2 million in weeks – are further testament to Metacade’s potential and roadmap full of high-value features.

With strong tokenomics that includes staking options and emphasizes token value over the long run and a clear route to serving the exploding P2E gaming community, this is one red-hot crypto presale that won’t be open for long. It’s clear why Metacade tops our list of top crypto gainers.

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2. LunaOne

LunaOne is an all-in-one metaverse project focusing on gaming, business, and education. It offers an interactive shopping experience for physical products & NFTs, P2E mechanisms, a social gaming arcade, hyperrealistic event experiences, workplace simulations, and even real estate investment opportunities. Other features LunaOne offers include VR headset compatibility, virtual events hosting, and decentralized file storage.

Through its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), token holders have a say in shaping the project’s future direction. The platform’s native token XLN is hosted on Binance Smart Chain (ensuring low fees). Its token will be used for various in-world transactions, rewards, and streaming platforms.

With more than 26,000 followers on Twitter, LunaOne looks like it could become one of the top Web 3.0 coins for the metaverse niche, making it at home on our list of the potential top crypto gainers.


The ASTL project is a blockchain-based mining platform that provides users with access to a stable income through its own data centers and devices. The ASTL token is at the heart of the project’s utility and is backed by a portion of the computing power from its overall device groups. The project claims to allow token holders to benefit from quick access to higher mining profits than investing in similar projects.

The ASTL token eliminates the need for investors to purchase or rent equipment for mining, as well as set it up, maintain and update it. Instead, they receive monthly fixed income in USDT directly from the general pool according to their investments.

The project also offers diversification of cryptocurrency mining and “green” energy usage, which ensures the stability of payments and reliability of investment portfolios even when the market is struggling. Thanks to these features, the project’s liquidity is increasing while users’ investments work for them continuously.

4. Metropoly

Metropoly is a project currently running a crypto presale that enables investors to easily diversify their crypto portfolio by investing in real estate. Through the process of fractionalization, investors can purchase NFTs on the Metropoly marketplace with as little as $100 USD, enabling some access to real estate exposure for a small sum that would not usually be viable.

The team is shaking up the archaic world of real estate by bringing cutting-edge Web3 technology, enabling them to reduce the purchase time from 60 days to 20 seconds. This disruption is the main reason it makes our list of the likely top crypto gainers.

Professional property managers handle everything from sourcing a suitable piece of real estate to property maintenance and finding tenants, so users can earn rental income and value appreciation of their NFTs. METRO token holders receive extra rewards such as investor NFTs, real estate NFTs, cashback, and a chance to win a $1 million property at the Burj Khalifa.

5. SleepCare

Sleep Care is a blockchain-based “sleep-to-earn” application built on Binance Smart Chain, allowing users to monetize their sleeping habits. The platform collects metrics from smartphones and rewards users in $SLEEP tokens for a minimum of five hours of sleep.

The mobile app uses GPS, body sensors, and physical activity data to facilitate the rewards process. The project also includes leaderboards with prizes for users with the healthiest sleep cycles and community-based features such as sharing your sleeping habits with other users.

$SLEEP has a built-in burn mechanism, making it a great low cap crypto gem for long-term value increases and so as a result of both its potential as one of the top crypto gainers and also for the original concept that the project is undertaking, it could well be one to watch.

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6. Hempzilla

The Hempzilla ambition is to make hemp and CBD business accessible to all through the power of blockchain technology.

The roadmap for Hempzilla is yet to be published; however, the social channels have discussed the potential for integrating the $HEMZ token into the core business to enable a mechanism for staking $HEMZ tokens. This could then allow token holders to earn a passive income by staking their $HEMZ token for a defined period.

The Hempzilla project has also targeted the world’s largest hemp and CBD producers to build relationships that allow the project to begin connecting the entire industry ecosystem.

While the details are still to be confirmed, the rise in popularity of CBD and the eco-friendly properties of hemp make this one area to watch in case the Hempzilla team can identify some innovative use cases.

7. EstateX

EstateX is an innovative project that could revolutionize real estate investments. It is in the midst of a presale of its ESX tokens at a discounted price, with the aim of eventually listing the asset on an exchange.

EstateX focuses on fractional ownership of property assets, allowing people with limited capital to invest in opportunities previously only available to high-net-worth individuals. The project is also committed to educating investors about asset management and building generational wealth.

EstateX’s broad appeal and potential to disrupt a large existing market make it an interesting option for investors looking for Web3 to seriously disrupt a well-established space. Although it’s guaranteed to be a difficult proposition, if it can grab even 1% of the real estate markets, the price is sure to rocket.

8. HedgeUp

HedgeUp is the world’s first crypto NFT Alternative Investment Marketplace that enables users to invest fractionally in alternative investment assets, such as fine art, luxury watches, and much more.

It seeks to empower investors with effective portfolios and challenge the status quo by bridging the gap between investors and non-traditional investment asset classes. Over the past three years, there has been incredible growth in the alternative investment market, representing an opportunity for investors.

With its Platinum card, exclusive access to equity NFT releases, staking rewards, and access to online master classes, HedgeUp is aiming to provide a comprehensive platform for cryptocurrency investors to gain access to a wide range of products. The benefits of investing in alternative products include lower volatility compared to traditional investments and high potential returns forecast by the HedgeUp team.

By fractionalizing the asset-backed NFTs, users can now access the alternative investment market for as little as $1, while staked HDUP tokens locked by members will contribute towards a liquidity pool, providing better trading opportunities for everyone involved.


Meme coin cryptocurrency projects like Dogodoge are gaining a lot of attention in the crypto space due to their unique approach to creating value. These projects typically focus on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent digital goods, such as memes and art, and Dogodoge is no different.

Dogodoge has been gaining popularity due to its potential to provide investors with a way to diversify their portfolios beyond traditional stocks and bonds with a fun and exciting dog-based project that has only just started. Furthermore, DOGO tokens are the token that will drive all future functionality within the metaverse outlined in the Dogodoge roadmap.

With the increasing demand for NFTs, meme coin projects have become more popular as more investors look for ways to gain exposure to new asset classes. As the project grows in popularity, it could offer investors an exciting new way to invest in cryptocurrency.

The DOGO token can be converted to other currencies on the Dogo Swap DEX. This is a decentralized exchange that is integrated into the core Dogodoge experience, and if the roadmap can be delivered, we may see DOGO join the ranks of more popular dog-based meme coins in the future.

Metacade is the best investment option on presale now

While some amazing crypto companies you can invest in now look like they’ll be top crypto gainers, Metacade’s dedication to its gaming fanbase and extensive roadmap makes it the best crypto in presale. Metacade is currently in the stage 1 phase of its presale, selling at $0.01, and tokens are selling out fast. The sooner you buy, the more gains you’ll see.

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