With hundreds of new projects entering the cryptocurrency ecosystem daily, finding the best new project can be overwhelming. That said, investors and experts agree that Rollblock is looking like the next big crypto. 

Offering a unique DeFi application in the online gambling market, Rollblock could dominate the industry within just a few years. As a result, crypto analysts are extremely bullish about the project’s growth potential. 

Can Cryptocurrency Impact The Online Gambling Market?

According to recent analysis, the online gaming market is growing at 13.6% annually. However, many of the platforms are outdated and fail to meet customers’ needs. Many have issues with slow transaction times and high fees, as well as fairness and trust issues that currently hold back the online gambling market. 

Cryptocurrency could solve these issues with advanced technology. For example, transactions on the blockchain are permanent and immutable, which makes it impossible for individuals to question or alter bets once they’re made. Furthermore, cryptocurrency offers low fees and swift deposits and withdrawals to keep costs to a minimum. 

That said, implementing cryptocurrency doesn’t come without challenges. For example, the price of cryptocurrency could fluctuate, and is therefore a concern to some online gamblers. Furthermore, the legal landscape for cryptocurrency remains extremely turbulent, which could cause issues for platforms and players. 

Nonetheless, experts believe the benefits of cryptocurrency outweigh the downsides. Innovative platforms such as Rollblock help to manage risks such as volatility and regulatory compliance, and as a result, Rollblock is expected to gain significant traction in 2024. 

Why Do Experts Think Rollblock (RBLK) Will Dominate The Summer Bull Run? 

Being an industry pioneer, Rollblock is in an extremely strong position. It’s one of the first dedicated DeFi casinos and offers several benefits over current options in the market. In addition to letting users place bets with cryptocurrency, the platform showcases over 100 games and is fully scalable to guarantee a smooth user experience. 

Furthermore, Rollblock offers the latest security features to guarantee safety while gambling online. This gives users full peace of mind and enhances the overall user experience.

As part of this experience, Rollblock looks to promote interaction between its users. Although gambling online is a somewhat solo experience, Rollblock looks to change this. It will reward socially active users with $RBLK tokens, which can then be used to access certain games, and staked for a passive income source. 

Stakers will also be able to profit from Rollblock’s revenue sharing. The platform will allocate 30% of its daily profits to individuals staking $RBLK tokens. The more an individual stakes, the higher their potential returns. 

During its ICO, $RBLK will be initially sold at $0.01. Over the next quarter, experts believe the price will increase several times, resulting in high demand throughout 2024. 

Rollblock Prepares For Long Term Growth

The Rollblock ICO is just the start of its growth. Over the next few years, Rollblock plans to form several partnerships and integrations to boost its ecosystem and use cases. Once formed, these partnerships will allow Rollblock token holders to use $RBLK to make transactions for services, goods, and more.

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