Nowadays it is difficult to keep track of all the different Dogecoin wallet providers. Therefore we present you the best and safest Dogecoin wallets. Each wallet has a different range of functions and level of security. Therefore we present you the safest Dogecoin wallets first. These include in particular the DOGE hardware wallets, followed by the best Dogecoin desktop– and mobile wallets as well as web wallets.

To understand how each wallet works, it is important that you have a basic understanding of the technology. That’s why we want to give you a short introduction to the topic so that you really understand the subject. If you already know your way around, you can skip this section (click here!)

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The Basics - wallet 101

A Dogecoin wallet is a virtual wallet that, in contrast to wallets for paper money, do not store the money itself, but the access keys for it. The access keys are the so-called “private keys”. Depending on whether the private keys are stored online or offline, two different wallet types can be distinguished:

  • Cold wallets
  • Hot wallets

The biggest difference here is the characteristic “connection to the Internet”. So-called cold wallets store the private key offline. This means that the key is never connected to the Internet. Accordingly, hackers have no chance of gaining access to your private key. This protects you very effectively against hacker and phishing attacks. Hot Wallets, on the other hand, store the private key online. This means that the storage medium is at least temporarily connected to the Internet. At this point hackers can try to intercept the private key and gain access to your cryptocurrencies.

This decisive difference is also the reason why large investment companies and cryptocurrency exchanges store their customers’ capital on cold wallets. You should take an example from this and keep your private keys offline as well. You can use either a Dogecoin paper wallet or a Dogecoin hardware wallet.

Furthermore, hot wallets can also be divided into three subcategories:

  • Dogecoin desktop wallets
  • Dogecoin mobile wallets
  • Dogecoin online wallets
Service title
A cryptographic method, the asymmetric cryptography, is used to encrypt data in cryptocurrencies. This is characterized by the fact that a key pair consisting of a private key and a public key is used for encryption. Both keys have an important meaning.

While the private key is the access key representing the ownership of the cryptocurrency the public key is used to generate the wallet address (is a hash version of the public key). In contrast to the public wallet address, the private key may never be passed on to third parties. Who has the private key can access the wallet address and send and manage the corresponding Dogecoin.

The best Dogecoin hardware wallets under review

Hardware wallets offer the best possible protection for storing your Dogecoin. You can also use a paper wallet, but you have to consider that you still have to use a hot wallet to access your Dogecoin. At this moment your private key is connected to the internet. Only hardware wallets ensure that the private key never comes into contact with the World Wide Web.

This is possible because the private keys are stored separately on a partition of the hard wallet. Even if a transaction is released, there is no connection to the Internet. This special hardware architecture makes it almost impossible for hackers to gain access to your private key. Hardware wallets also have the advantage of protecting your Dogecoin very well, even if the device is physically stolen. In the following we introduce different hardware wallets, which all offer the possibility to set up a PIN as well as the 2-factor-authentication. This protects your wallet even if a thief steals your device.

In our opinion you should definitely buy a hardware wallet as there is currently no better protection for your Dogecoin (DOGE). In addition, the amount you invest is worth every penny because your Dogecoin is best protected.

Below we have summarized the pros and cons of Dogecoin hardware wallets:

The advantages of Dogecoin hardware wallets:
✅ Currently there is no better security available
✅ Your private keys will be stored offline
✅ More than 1,100 different cryptocurrencies can be managed alongside Dogecoin
✅ Every transaction must be confirmed manually and physically at the touch of a button.
✅ Regular security updates
✅ Renowned manufacturers such as Ledger and Trezor have fantastic customer support at their disposal.
The disadvantages of hardware wallets are:
The purchase of the wallet costs a little money
❌ No deposit insurance, as offered by eToro
The best 3 Hardware Wallets in 2024
Hardware WalletInfoTest
Ledger Nano X kaufen

⚡ OUR test champion: The Ledger Nano X
✅ Manage 100 cryptocurrencies simultaneously
✅ Compatible with more than 1,100 cryptocurrencies
✅ Bluetooth connection for mobile wallet
✅ New flagship of the market leader
⛔ Price: 99,00 € - in the middle range

Testbericht lesen

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Ledger Nano S kaufen

⚡ Best price/performance ratio: The Ledger Nano S
✅ Very good Price: 59,90 €
✅ Compatible with more than 1,100 cryptocurrencies
✅ Proven quality: more than 1.3 million units already sold
⛔ Manage max. 5 cryptocurrencies simultaneously

Testbericht Ledger Nano S

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Trezor Model T kaufen

⚡ 3rd place: The Trezor Model T
✅ Over 1,000 cryptocurrencies supported
✅ Proven quality from Trezor
✅ Firmware is not installed on the device until you start it
⛔ In comparison to the Nano X: less features and functions 
⛔ High price: about 180 €

Testbericht Trezor Model T

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1.Ledger Nano X – the best Dogecoin hardware wallet

We tested a total of 8 different hardware wallets in detail and found a test champion: the Ledger Nano X. The Ledger Nano X is the successor of the Ledger Nano S. Compared to its predecessor, the Nano X has significantly more functions. The safety of the device has also been significantly improved. Furthermore, the new Bluetooth function allows the Nano X to be used as a mobile Dogecoin wallet.

In addition, the internal memory has been significantly increased so that 100 apps can now be used simultaneously. Ledger has also given the Nano X a larger display so that the Dogecoin wallet address can be seen completely and scrolling is no longer necessary.

Conclusion: Both the new function and the great safety make the Ledger Nano X the best and safest Dogecoin wallet currently available on the market. Both the operation and the setup are very easy, so that it is especially suitable for beginners.

Supported cryptocurrencies
More than 1,250 cryptocurrencies can be stored and managed via the Ledger Nano X. The portfolio is constantly being expanded, so that almost every cryptocurrency will soon be compatible with the Ledger Nano X.
Both the setup and the subsequent operation is done via the Ledger Live Software which can be downloaded free of charge or used free of charge. The user interface is simple and intuitive, so even beginners won’t have any problems using the Ledger Nano X.
Transparency & Fees
The used Ledger Live Software is open source and therefore visible and testable for everyone. Only the hardware code remains a Ledger secret for the time being.

The respective fees for a transaction are displayed clearly and transparently. Only the network fees apply. Ledger itself does not charge any fees.

Ledger is industry leader and the technology is considered the absolute benchmark and world leader. The French company has established partnerships with well-known companies such as Switcheo, Neufund and In addition, tech heavyweight Samsung has announced a USD 2.6 million investment in Ledger.

Ledger’s Bluetooth function caused heated discussions in the community. However, Ledger immediately made it clear that no critical data such as the private key or the recovery seed would be transferred. In addition, manual confirmation using the buttons is always required to release a transaction. Therefore, the Bluetooth function can be used without hesitation.

2.Ledger Nano S

Das Ledger Nano S is the first hardware wallet Ledger has launched. It has been sold more than 1.3 million times worldwide. This success story shows that the wallet offers good safety and quality. The wallet has never been hacked and there are no known vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit.

After the release of the Nano X, the price of the Nano S has dropped to 59 euros. Thus the Nano S can be seen as an absolute bargain among the Dogecoin Hardware wallets . If you can do without the features of the Ledger Nano X, then the Ledger Nano S is the perfect hardware wallet for you. It offers a unbeatable price/performance ratio.

Supported cryptocurrencies
The Ledger Nano S is also used with the Ledger Live Software and is always updated by the manufacturer. With Ledger Live software, you can save 5 apps on your device. If you want to manage more than 5 cryptocurrencies, just install a new app and uninstall the old one. Your data will not be lost.
The operation of the Ledger Nano S is very simple and intuitive. This is done via the 2 buttons on the device. Additionally the Ledger Live App is required. The software can be used to send and receive cryptocurrencies and to view the portfolio in real time.
Transparency & Fees
The Ledger Live Software is an open source software and therefore completely transparent. However, the operating system of the Ledger Hardware wallets is a trade secret.

The fees for a transaction (network fees) are transparently listed in the Ledger Live Software. Ledger itself does not charge any fees for using the software.

Ledger’s technologies are regarded as the absolute benchmark in the industry and are also used by other companies to securely store their customers’ private keys.

3.Trezor Model T

The Trezor Model T was also introduced in May 2019 and has entered the ring as a direct competitor to the Ledger Nano X. It is the direct successor of the Trezor One and has many new features, improved security and a touch screen. The Trezor Model T supports significantly more cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin (DOGE).

The Trezor Bridge software has been revised and is now even more user-friendly. When using the software, you can manage Dogecoin directly from Trezor Bride. So you don’t have to resort to a third-party interface. Overall Trezor has added the following new features to Model T:

  • Elegant touch screen: The Model T has a color touch screen that responds very well to touch without delay.
  • Update firmware: Trezor Bridge has a new design and security has been improved again.
  • New security chip for more performance: A faster processor has been added so that the management of your Dogecoin can now be done even faster.
  • Micro SD card slot: An SD card can be used for data encryption.
  • USB-C port: The old USB port has been replaced by the new industry standard USB-C.

Summary: The Trezor Model T is one of the best and most secure Dogecoin hardware wallets on the market. The security is very high and the new functions also justify the comparatively high price of almost 180€.

Supported cryptocurrencies
The Trezor Model T can manage over 1,1000 different cryptocurrencies besides Dogecoin. Some other cryptocurrencies, however, require the use of third-party software, such as the MyEtherWallet for Ethereum. For a list of all supported cryptocurrencies see this link.
The Trezor Model T is very easy to set up and operate. That’s why the Dogecoin Hardware wallet is also suitable for beginners.
Transparency & Fees
Trezor software and hardware is almost completely open source and on GitHub publicly available to everyone. The code was developed by Trezor with third-party extensibility in mind.

The transaction fees incurred are completely transparent and can be set manually. Depending on how fast a transaction is to be executed, the transaction fees can be adjusted. Trezor does not charge any fees for the use of the software.

Trezor is the oldest manufacturer of hardware wallets and therefore has many years of experience. Trezor’s wallets are considered safe and reliable in the industry.

The best Dogecoin desktop and mobile wallets

Both desktop and mobile Dogecoin wallets belong to the category of hot wallets, as they are probably often connected to the Internet. That’s why they rank second in the ranking of the safest Dogecoin wallets , directly behind the hardware wallets. Nevertheless, they are more secure than web wallets, since the private keys are not stored on external servers on the Internet, but either on the smartphone or on the computer.

The wallets presented in the following differ both in their security and in the range of functions available. So-called multi-coin-wallets support the administration of several hundred different cryptocurrencies. Mobile Dogecoin wallets as well as desktop wallets are our recommendation if you are looking for a high level of security but don’t want to spend money using your wallet. We have compiled the advantages and disadvantages in the following table:

The advantages of Dogecoin desktop and mobile wallets are:
✅ The Private Key is stored on your mobile phone or desktop
✅ High security standard and the ability to set payout limits
✅ Access to your Dogecoin from anywhere with an internet connection (applies to the mobile wallet)
✅ Multi-coin wallets support over 100 cryptocurrencies
✅ Free of charge in use and purchase
The disadvantages of Dogecoin desktop- and mobile wallets:
❌ The private keys are temporarily connected to the Internet
❌ More vulnerable to hacker attacks than hardware wallets
❌ Updates should be installed regularly to keep the software up to date.
❌ No deposit insurance, as with eToro

Below we present the best and safest Dogecoin Wallets. These differ both in the range of functions and in the security.

The Best Dogecoin (DOGE) Desktop and Smartphone wallets (iOS and Android)
  1. Atomic Wallet (Windows, MacOS, Android)
  2. Jaxx Liberty Wallet (Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora)
  3. Coinomi Wallet (Windows, Mac, Linux. iOS, Android)
  4. Official Dogecoin wallet (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

1.Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet

The Atomic wallet is a multi-coin wallet that supports more than 300 different cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin (DOGE). Due to this characteristic and the prominent developer, the founder of, the Atomic wallet enjoys great popularity in the crypto community. The developers have attached particular importance to three central requirements of the crypto industry:

  • security,
  • anonymity and
  • decentralization.

According to these guidelines, your private keys and all transaction data will only be stored locally on your mobile phone or smartphone and will never leave the device. The Atomic wallet is available as desktop version as well as app for Android and iOS.

A special feature of the wallet is that it supports so-called Atomic Swaps. This allows users to exchange peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies without a third party having to act as an intermediary in the form of a exchange. Atomic swaps are not yet supported for all cryptocurrencies. The Changelly and ShapeShift service is available for all assets for which this function is missing.

The wallet can be downloaded from the official website for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora.

Supported cryptocurrencies
The portfolio of the Atomic wallet is constantly growing. Currently over 300 different cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin, and all ERC20 tokens are supported.
Installation and setup are quick and easy. Accordingly, the wallet is also perfect for beginners.
Transparency & Fees
The Atomic wallet is a community-based product that uses open source libraries, block explorers, and other components. However, in order to ensure the security of the wallet, some of the developments will be kept secret.

There are no fees for using the Atomic wallet, only the network fees of the Dogecoin network. In addition, fees of 2 to 5 percent are charged for the additional features (Atomic Swaps, Changelly and ShapeShift).

During the setup of the wallet and your account no personal data will be requested. All data is also transmitted in encrypted form. The private keys are only stored locally on your device. You can also set up a Recovery Seed to restore your account.

2.Jaxx Liberty Wallet

Jaxx Liberty Wallet

The Jaxx Liberty wallet is a multi-coin wallet that supports Dogecoin and more than 80 different cryptocurrencies. The wallet is developed and offered for download by Anthony Di Iorio, a co-founder of Ethereum. The wallet is available as desktop as well as mobile wallet for Android and iOS.

The wallet is not only known for its prominent developer, but also for its extensive functions. These include the following features:

  • up to date news
  • current market data
  • a multi-chain-explorer

In addition, the wallet offers very good security. Nobody but you has access to your private keys. These are stored locally on your smartphone or desktop PC, not on a company’s central servers. The wallet also offers the possibility to create a backup in case your mobile phone or computer breaks down. International forums also praise the outstanding support, which is available 24 hours a day.

If you want to download the wallet, you can click on this link. You will then be taken directly to the official website of the manufacturer.

Unterstütze Kryptowährungen
Über 80 Kryptowährungen: 0x, Aion, Aragon, Augur, Bancor, Bankex, Basic Attention Token, BCH, Binance Coin, Bitclave, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcore, Blockmason, BOXX, Brickblock, Civic, Cofoundit, Creditbit, Dash, Dentacoin, DigiByte, DigixDAO, Dogecoin, DomRaider, DPP, Edgeless, Enjin Coin, ETC, Ethereum, FirstBlood, Flixxo, Fuel, Gnosis, Golem, GRS, Helbiz, Huobi, Iconomi, iExec, Insureum, LIF, Link, Litecoin, Loom, Maecenas, Matchpool, MCI, MCO, Melonport, Metronome, Mithril, MobileGO, Monaco, NEO, OmiseGo, Paypie,, Polymath, Presearch, RCN, RLC, RBCH, Santiment, Scanetchain, Sense, SHIP, Shivom, SONM, Status, Storj, Storm, Stox,SWT, TenX, Tokencard,Ucash, Unikoin, Viberate, WAX, Wings, Worldcore, Zap, Zcash
Setup and installation is done within minutes. The user interface is clearly structured and therefore perfectly suited for beginners.
Transparency & Fees
There are no extra fees for using the wallet. Only the standard network charges for sending Dogecoin apply.
The security of the Jaxx Liberty wallet is very good. Neither the developers nor a third party has access to your private keys. These are stored on the device used for access. Users can also create a backup phrase. If your PC or smartphone breaks down or gets lost, you can use it to restore it.

3.Coinomi Wallet

Coinomi Wallet

The Coinomi wallet is a multi-coin wallet that is offered for both Android and iOS and supports more than 275 cryptocurrencies in addition to Dogecoin. The wallet was launched in 2014 and is one of the oldest wallets in the world. Since the release it is offered both as desktop and mobile version.

The Coinomi wallet attaches great importance to privacy. Both the private keys and the transaction data are stored locally on the user’s terminal device. In addition, the IP addresses are encrypted separately, so that data protection and privacy can be regarded as particularly good.

The wallet is connected to the cryptocurrency exchange Coinomi of the same name. This means that all cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold directly out of the wallet. However, the wallet also has a point of criticism: It is not (yet) possible to additionally protect the account with a two-factor authentication.

This leaves it vulnerable to hacker attacks and keyloggers. Once a hacker has intercepted your password, he has full access to your account. At this point it is not possible to set up a second security level such as a PIN or Touch ID.

To download the wallet you can click on this link which will take you directly to the official website.

Supported cryptocurrencies
Besides Dogecoin more than 275 cryptocurrencies are supported.
The setup as well as the following operation is very easy, so that the wallet is also suitable for beginners.
Transparency & Fees
Open source software is seen by many users as an important feature of transparency. Coinomi was part of the open source software movement.

However, in 2018 Coinomi postponed its project as closed source. This doesn’t mean their code is malicious. However, a certain amount of transparency has been lost as a result. It is also important to know that Coinomi does not charge any extra fees. The wallet is free of charge.

The main reason for the popularity of the Coinomi wallet is the privacy, which is very high by default. Coinomi does not collect any personal data and encrypts the IP addresses of its users. In addition, the private keys are stored on the user’s device (PC or smartphone) so that no third party has access.

In addition, the Litecoin wallet provides the ability to create a recovery seed during setup that can be used to reinstall the wallet on another device if the user’s device breaks down.

Important Note: Before February 27, 2019, the Coinomi wallet was never hacked. On this day a critical bug was discovered for the Coinomi Desktop wallet. However, this bug was fixed very quickly by the Coinomi team. For more details see here.

4.Dogecoin Wallet

dogecoin wallet

Directly after the start of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin this wallet was released as a desktop wallet and mobile wallet for Android. The user interface is very simple and clearly structured. The project is managed by the community and in case of questions the customer support can be contacted. As Dogecoin has not received any updates for some years, the wallet will not be provided with new updates either. The wallet is considered safe, but there are much better wallets for your Dogecoin, which is “only” ranked 4th in our ranking.

You can download the wallet on the official website (click here!).

Supported cryptocurrencies
The Dogecoin wallet only supports the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, as the name suggests.
Installation and setup are fast and free of charge. The user interface is simple and intuitive, making the wallet ideal for beginners.
Transparency & Fees
The wallet can be used completely free of charge and without prior registration. Only the normal network fees for the use of the Dogecoin blockchain apply.
The wallet is considered secure, although it has not received any updates for some time. However, this is also due to the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, which is regarded as a “fun cryptocurrency”.

The best online wallets for Dogecoin

Online wallets are very popular in the crypto world because the setup is very simple and the user interface is often intuitive and clear. This does not require any installation or the creation of a backup. In most cases, creating an account with a username and password is enough. There are two different types of online wallets.

All known cryptocurrency exchanges are online wallets, as they can be used by setting up an account at the exchange. These have the advantage that the cryptocurrencies can be traded directly out of the wallet. A detour via another instance is not necessary. However, this type of Dogecoin wallet also has a great disadvantage.

If, for example, you use Binance, you transfer control of your private keys to the exchange. This means that you have to trust the exchange and your employees to keep your private keys safe and to take further security measures to protect your Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies as best as possible. We advise you to leave your Dogecoin on a crypto exchange only as long as you trade with it. Otherwise there are better ways to protect your assets safely.

There are also specialized Dogecoin web wallets. Here you must pay special attention to use a reputable provider. Some platforms later turned out to be a Scam and stole large sums of money from the users. The following table shows the pros and cons of Dogecoin online wallets:

The advantages of Dogecoin online wallets:
✅ You can access your Dogecoin from anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection
✅ If you use a exchange wallet, you can trade DOGE and other cryptocurrencies.
✅ You don’t have to install the wallet, you just have to create an account.
✅ Some wallets offer the function to define an upper payout limit.
✅ The wallet interface is often very intuitive and clearly structured, making it ideal for beginners.
✅ The well-known platforms often offer good customer support.
The disadvantages of Dogecoin online wallets:
❌ Lowest security standard of the wallets presented by us
❌ The management of the private keys is transferred to a third party at exchanges.
❌ Many cryptocurrency exchanges have been targeted by hacker attacks in the past
❌ It’s very important to choose a reputable provider, some have turned out to be scams afterwards. web wallet

dogecoin info wallet is a Dogecoin specific web wallet that allows you to create a Dogecoin Online wallet without any further detours. Your private keys are stored in your browser so that only you have access to your keys. Even if the servers of fail, you still have access to your wallet, because you can also access it with any other online wallet. is rated as one of the best online wallets in the Dogecoin Community.

You will get to the website if you click on this link.

Supported cryptocurrencies
The wallet only supports the cryptocurrency Dogecoin.
The setup as well as the following operation is very easy, so that the wallet is also suitable for beginners.
Transparency & Fees
There are no fees for the use of the wallet.

Only the usual fees for the use of the Dogecoin Blockchain apply for sending transactions.

The wallet offers a basic protection, but has the already mentioned advantages and disadvantages of online wallets. To use the wallet you need to create an account. This is exactly where hackers could use keyloggers or malware to record your password and gain access to your wallet. Only hardware wallets offer the best possible protection.

2.DogecoinVault Web Wallet

dogevault wallet

DogecoinVault is one of the most popular Dogecoin online wallets, as only one registration is required for use. The wallet does not have to be set up, but can be used immediately after successful confirmation of your mail address. DogecoinVault does not store any data and you are automatically logged out after 60 seconds of inactivity. Furthermore, the DogecoinVault is fully compatible with TOR.

Furthermore it has a built-in Dogecoin-Tumblr, which makes the use anonymous and safe. The wallet offers a very simple and intuitive operation and is therefore best suited for beginners. At this point it is important to note that your password can be intercepted by hackers with a keylogger or malware and your Dogecoin could be stolen. The DogecoinVault offers all the advantages and disadvantages of online wallets.

You can register on the official site and use the wallet (click here!).

Supported cryptocurrencies
The wallet only supports the cryptocurrency Dogecoin.
The setup as well as the following operation is very easy, so that the wallet is also suitable for beginners.
Transparency & Fees
There are no fees for the use of the wallet.

Only the normal fees for the use of the Dogecoin Blockchain apply for sending transactions.

The wallet offers a basic protection, but has the already mentioned advantages and disadvantages of online wallets. To use the wallet you need to create an account. This is exactly where hackers could use keyloggers or malware to record your password and gain access to your wallet. Only hardware wallets offer the best possible protection.


dogecoin freewallet

The Free wallet is a well known Dogecoin wallet that supports other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether besides Dogecoin. The wallet is offered in 13 different languages and is available as a desktop version for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

The code is completely open source and therefore visible and verifiable for everyone. Within the wallet there is a Dogecoin APK so that Dogecoin can be received, sent and managed. The wallet stores the private keys for the user, so you have to trust the provider to keep the keys safe.

For this reason, we recommend that you either use one of the aforementioned wallets or switch directly to a hardware wallet. If you still want to use the wallet, you will get here (click!) to the official website.

Supported cryptocurrencies
Besides Dogecoin 100 other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether are supported.
Setting up an account is child’s play for users. The user interface is intuitive and tidy, so this wallet is especially suitable for beginners. Many other cryptocurrencies can be managed easily and securely online.
Transparency & Fees
There are no further fees for the use of the wallet. Only the normal network fees.
The Freewallet provides basic protection. However, you have no access to your private keys. This means that you have to trust the provider of the wallet completely. The safest way to store your Dogecoin is a hardware wallet.

4.Binance Wallet


Binance is one of the world’s largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition, Binance is considered particularly secure, even though the platform became the target of a hacker attack in May 2019 in which a total of more than 7,000 Bitcoin could be stolen. Accordingly, you must be aware that you are handing over the management of your private keys to the exchange.

We therefore recommend that you only store your Dogecoin on Binance if you actively use it. Otherwise your assets are better stored on a hardware wallet or a desktop or mobile wallet. If you want to set up an account with Binance, you can do so via this link* (Click!).

Supported cryptocurrencies
You can trade more than 150 different cryptocurrencies on Binance and store them in the Web wallet. Binance regularly expands its own portfolio.
Registering and setting up an account is very easy and fast. Nevertheless, the surface of the market is somewhat difficult to understand, especially for beginners. We have therefore written a manual that you can read in more detail in our Binance review.
Transparency & Fees
There are no further costs for the use of the Binance wallet. Only trading fees (0.1%) are charged for trading. If you use Binance Coin for trading, the fee is even lower.
Binance is considered one of the safest exchanges in the world. However, you should only keep your Dogecoin on the exchange as long as you actively trade it.
Exchange wallets provide good basic protection. However, you should be aware that you have to trade your private keys on a exchange and thus rely on the exchange. The past has shown us that exchanges are a popular target for hacker attacks and hardware wallets offer much better protection.

Further important information about the Dogecoin wallet test

We have compiled the information to the best of our knowledge and belief to give you the best possible overview of the currently available Dogecoin wallets. Nevertheless, you should get more information and try some wallets to find the one that suits you best.

If you have questions or suggestions about our Dogecoin wallet review, please leave us a comment. We will be glad to help you! In addition, we would be pleased about a positive evaluation.

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