New Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange & Crypto To Target Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador

  • Golden Inu token has announced when the $Golden [erc20] token ICO presale ends, their official decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.  The name of the new DEX will be “Golden Inu Exchange.” 
  • The launch will take place after the buzzing new cryptocurrency completes its initial coin offering. 

Through the ICO and presale, Golden Inu will raise 200 Ethereum ($ETH), giving it sufficient capital to produce a secure, low-fee decentralized exchange and more.

The funds are also expected to help with the launch of other web3 products such as the “$Golden Bazaar,” a crypto-marketplace.   A much discussed project in crypto forums, Golden Inu developers hope it will be life changing to cryptocurrency holders globally.

New crypto investors have plunked down over US$1,000 daily since the $Golden token’s pre-sale launch 5 days ago. And the growing trends indicate investment averages will more than double by next week.

Top Decentralized Crypto Exchanges In The World

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are in huge demand today.   DEX brands like PancakeSwap, UniSwap, DyDx,  Kine Protocol, and Curve do over $3-billion-dollars in trading volume daily .

Developing nations like Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela, Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea, India, China, and Thailand are finding these exchanges to be a new life force to the national economy and civilian life.    Family members from first world countries are saving millions of dollars in fees by using decentralized crypto exchanges to send money to families in their homelands.

Golden Inu Exchange Takes Aim At Latin America

Golden Inu Token has been quietly taking strides to build branding value in these countries and will now launch a crypto exchange to contribute to these life changing crypto technologies.

“We will begin marketing to Latin American Cryptocurrency Traders In the Next Few Days. Our Decentralized Crypto-Exchange will help lower the fees of global value transfers. #GoldenInuExchange #DecentralizedCryptocurrencyExchange #NewDEX #NewCryptoExchange,” wrote the new crypto brand on twitter Friday.

The exact countries in Latin America the $Golden token brand will be marketed to, were not yet revealed.

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Places like Venezuela, El Salvador, Brazil, and Colombia have robust resources and have been looking to strengthen the cryptocurrency movement within their borders.  Colombia’s President, who’s in control of one of the world’s 3 strongest currencies this month (read), has even suggested requiring all large purchases in the South American country to be done in Crypto, by law.

Post-Exchange Launch Token Value Prediction

If the Golden Inu Exchange succeeds in building high brand value in places like Colombia, Brazil, and Venezuela it could send the $Golden token’s value to astronomical heights from its presale value.

BEP20 Token Yielded +700% Returns To Presale/ICO Investors

The Golden Inu token  already had a successful launch of their Binance-Chain [bep20] token version just under 2 months ago.  Traders saw presale and ICO investments yield up to a +700% return on their initial buy-in in less than 60 days.

The $Golden [bep20] token was launched on the publicly traded exchange PanCakeSwap on February 25th.  It now holds a stable liquidity pool of over US$81,000 and rising; much in part to its requirement for 7% swappage, an ecosystem-aiding transaction fee.

Golden Inu has been listed on popular coin indexes CoinGecko, CoinmarketCap, and Dex Screener.

The brand needs both a Binance-chain and Ethereum blockchain token to launch their planned Golden Inu Exchange and $Golden Swap technologies.

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