Learn the trading basics with Bitcoin trading simulators

Interestingly enough, Bitcoin didn’t just take the financial markets by storm, but it also changed the way people look at currencies. This virtual currency is subject to no third party and offers users independence in maintaining their assets. These 2 advantages along with the profit potential make Bitcoin an attractive currency to use and trade with.

So, if you’re looking to start trading then you already have these things in mind. But just rushing in and starting to trade is a big mistake. You’ll need to know some basics first and combine them with a bit of practice for a solid foundation of skills.

Since Bitcoin trading is done online, you’re going to look for an exchange to trade with. So, you’ll need a bit of research before you pick one and register there. Be careful though as hackers have been known for hacking them. So, if an exchange has been hacked in the past, then it’s not safe to trade in. You should opt for a secure exchange instead.

Distinguishing between assets is another important thing to learn. To do so, you’ll need to get some practice, and you can do so by making use of the several trading simulators. In that regard, here are some simulators you can try:

Bitcoin Hero

To be a skilled trader, you’ll need a good basis and a grasp of the basics. Bitcoin Hero can help you with that by offering you a virtual market with assets, where you can learn how to trade. It will also give you the tools to analyze the market and make important decisions as you progress. In short, you’ll get ample practice with this app. But Bitcoin trading is not an easy thing to learn. That’s why you can go for a trading platform instead.

Platforms like the yuan pay group app make sure to do the trading, so you don’t have to. This platform utilizes a sophisticated algorithm and offers you its services, but only after you register. That’s why you have several tutorials and a demo lesson to go over. You’ll also need a starting budget which is why a small deposit is also required. Once you go over the training then you’ll be able to take the platform for a test with a live session. Afterward, you’ll be able to experiment with the settings as much as you want to.

Altcoin fantasy

This trading simulator app offers essentially the same things as Bitcoin Hero does. However, it doesn’t just cover Bitcoin, but other cryptocurrencies as well. So, you’ll get a virtual market with assets with real-life prices and other players will be your competition.

In addition to this, you’ll also get some competitions to take part in. They reward the skilled traders with certain amounts of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency they prefer. So, not only you’ll get practice, but you’ll also be able to get started with Bitcoin just by being a killed virtual trader.


Getting a grasp of the basics along with some practices are some of the things you’ll need to learn to be a good Bitcoin trader. You’ll also need to pick out a Bitcoin wallet, so you can store your assets somewhere. The thing is that you’ll come across different kinds of wallets online, and you’ll need to pick one.

To do this you’ll need to do some research just like with the exchange. You’ll need to see what kind of security measures various wallets have and if they suit your needs or not. Also, don’t forget to see reviews or comments from users. If a certain kind of wallet has a history of being hacked, then you shouldn’t go for that wallet. The right wallet combined with your skills will make you a formidable Bitcoin trader.

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