Jelurida & Accenture To Collaboratively Develop Mainstream Business Models Using Blockchain Technology

The mainstream use and acceptance of cryptocurrencies have grown manifold this year. Besides Bitcoin gaining acceptance as a legal tender in El Salvador, several prominent businesses have started accepting crypto payments. 

While this is just the beginning of a long journey, it undoubtedly highlights that traditional businesses are gradually warming up to the idea of merging blockchain technology with their existing business models. 

Among several initiatives organized worldwide to raise awareness about blockchain technology and brainstorm new ways of integrating this technology into real-world applications, the recent El Confidencial event, the fourth edition of the blockchain forum, has turned out to be a huge success.

This year, El Confidencial is focusing on its upcoming blockchain project titled Senator. Funded by the EU, Senator aims to optimally develop and manage urban planning policies for the government by covering multiple areas, including user demand planning, transport planning, freight and logistics planning, and city infrastructures, among others. As part of this initiative, two technology heavyweights, one from the real world and one from the blockchain ecosystem, will collaborate to cover a broad spectrum of use cases.

Accenture, which has already won itself the public tender from Correos for the Senator project, will be collaborating with next-gen blockchain company Jelurida to work upon a multi-collaborative framework that will bring together stakeholders in urban freight logistics. Jelurida, together with its Ardor, Ignis, and NXT chains, will provide the required on-chain infrastructure to help bring this idea into reality.

As a blockchain company, Jelurida is one of the leading names for building blockchain solutions for real-world use. The platform has already worked with the Austrian government to launch several initiatives, like HotCity and Cycle4Value. Jelurida’s infrastructure also supports another eco-friendly project, TreeCycle, to implement sustainable and profitable reforestation in Paraguay.

The Quest For New Use Cases Using Ardor Blockchain

Per the mutual consensus from the recently concluded El Confidencial, Accenture and Jelurida will collaborate to accomplish two use cases for the time being. 

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The Jelurida ecosystem offers public, private, and hybrid blockchain solutions that address real-world issues. Owing to its experience in developing real-world applications and the underlying technical capabilities, Jelurida’s Ardor blockchain fits all the requirements for the Senator project. 

Ardor is a multichain platform that follows a unique parent-child chain architecture, where the Ardor chain is responsible for the security, and interoperable child chains offer all other functionalities. The EU required a public platform with more than 1000 nodes, multichain features, the possibility to have permissions and operate in a hybrid way, proof-of-stake, and low power consumption – all of which are offered by Ardor.

The first use case that Accenture and Jelurida will work together on is to build a solution for supply chain traceability while ensuring that the last mile freight exchange is aligned with the European Security Framework for Postal Supply Chains. It will enable transport operators and other key players to securely exchange information related to security and optimizing item flows, thus leveraging blockchain technology.

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The second use case relates to the Internet of Things (IoT). Services based on IoT devices generate a lot of information at any stage of the service process. Integrating that data generated by an IoT device within the Ardor network will enable Senator and its participants to optimize the decision-making process based on the data recorded. Ardor child chains are separate customizable “blockchains” within the Ardor ecosystem, each featuring their native tokens and all the built-in features necessary for specific use cases. Accordingly, Accenture can build the custom parameters necessary for the seamless flow of data.

With Jelurida’s infrastructure and Accenture’s extensive experience, the Senator project for Correos is poised to be a major case study for how collaboration between different entities with specific knowledge can be harnessed for the greater good of citizens, service providers, and governments alike.

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