IOTA news: New use cases in transport and healthcare

  • The Calypso Network Association, a founding member of IOTA’s Tangle EE Working Group, sees great potential in the Tangle technology for transportation and the associated ticketing system.
  • In Malaysia, SmartOptz brings IOTA technology to the patients. A first care service is using the remote monitoring devices developed by Smart Optz to monitor their patients.

The positive news for IOTA (beyond the recent warning of a possible attack on the Trinity wallet) are not stopping. After IOTA and the Eclipse Foundation launched the Tangle EE Working Group the day before yesterday, with a total of 15 founding members, the world-renowned Software AG yesterday announced that they will use the IOTA Tangle and IOTA Token as part of their Cumulocity IoT Platform.

The Calypso Network Association, another founding member of the Tangle EE, has now spoken out about the future uses of IOTA’s technology and its goals. In addition, SmartOptz has entered into a cooperation with Swiss Nurse in Malaysia, where IOTA will also be used.

Calypso Network Association about a possible use of IOTA

Calypso offers a decentralized and cross-application solution for the transport and mobility industry that can be used by transport companies and authorities worldwide. It follows the approach that the technology should be open and free of any kind of manufacturer monopoly. To this end, the Calypso Network Association (CNA) was founded in 2003 as a non-profit association.

The founding members included various transport companies from various countries and cities: OTLIS (Lisbon), ACTV (Venice), STIB (Brussels), LKRKN (Constance) as well as RATP and SNCF (Paris). As Philippe Vappereau, chairman of the Calypso Network Association declared in a statement on the founding of Tangle EE, today’s transport and ticketing system has one major weakness, which is centralization:

There are many others, and major ones: weakness of centralization, with the risk of a system crash leading to the loss of all data and the need to reconstruct them from backups, always problematic and a source of disillusionment; data piracy, which is very sensitive with transport rights and tracking of trips centralized in a server, and a very motivating target for hackers, etc.

Vappereau sees a great opportunity in the development of IOTA-based technology for transport. In contrast to the blockchain technology, which he described as “quite a failure” due to too high fees and slow transaction times, he sees a lot of potential in the IOTA Tangle:

If Tangle’s results live up to its ambitions, then we will be able to benefit from decentralised ticketing system architectures that are reliable and independent of network performance, offering better protection against massive fraud and greater resilience, while having the flexibility and agility to offer innovative services at lower cost to transport network users.

As Vappereau further states, IOTA could make a significant contribution to CNA’s Mobility as a Service approach. On a concrete implementation for the ticketing industry he said:

There is, of course, no immediate answer to this question. For CNA, this is a very innovative initiative, which is not intended to provide immediate answers to our members’ needs, but to prepare for the future. […] But the Tangle concept is perfectly in line with our technical philosophy, ]…] And moreover, Tangle is supported by the Eclipse foundation to which we belong with our open source SDK project Eclipse Keyple. It is therefore logical that we support an open source initiative, which is in line with our desire to bring openness to all levels of ticketing.

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SmartOptz brings IOTA to the patients

In Malaysia, IOTA’s technology is being used in a new healthcare use case. Via Twitter, Smart Optz and Swiss Nurse announced a cooperation. As part of the collaboration, a nursing service in Kuching, Sarawak (Malaysia) will use the remote monitoring services for patients, based on IOTA and developed by Smart Optz.

Following the motto “Self Sovereign Health ID powered by IOTA”, SmartOptz has developed various medical devices, including a blood pressure monitor, a baby thermometer and a device for measuring blood glucose. The devices collect medical data. This data, together with data from hospitals, is connected and collected in a health portal. Only the patient can access the data via a smartphone app.

The Missi Health app connects to Bluetooth medical devices to collect vital health data so that patients can view their health status. In addition, the company also offers the SmartOptz Vital Sign Monitoring System (VSMS), which enables the wireless transmission of vital data from the patient directly to the care unit for monitoring. This means that nursing staff no longer has to write down the patient’s vital signs on paper.

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