• The Arbitrum (ARB) network has become the leading L2 scaling solution for the Ethereum network with over $2.4 billion in TVL.
  • ARB price action will closely follow Ethereum’s in the upcoming bull market cycle that is awaiting the final signal from Bitcoin’s fourth halving in April. 

Arbitrum (ARB) network, a fast-growing Ethereum-based layer two scaling solution, has recorded heightened on-chain activity in the recent past. Notably, ARB price has risen more than 150 percent since the fourth quarter of 2023 to trade around $1.97 on Wednesday. The mid-cap altcoin has seen its daily average trading volume eclipse more than 60 percent to about $1.7 billion. As a result, the ARB token has a volume-to-market cap ratio of about 51 percent, which indicates deep liquidity and demand.

Arbitrum Network Dominates Ethereum’s L2

The Arbitrum network has dominated Ethereum’s layer two scaling solution despite being a young project that has not been completed a year since its official launch. Notably, the Arbitrum network has outshined Polygon (MATIC) and Optimism (OP), which have a combined TVL of about $1.9 billion. Backed by reputable web3 developers and investors, the Arbitrum L2 network has attracted notable DeFi protocols like GMX derivatives with a TVL of about $536 million, AAVE V3 lending protocol with a TVL of around $293 million, and Uniswap V3 DEX with a TVL of approximately $271 million. 

Nonetheless, the Ethereum network is yet to be fully scaled as a huge amount of funds is still locked on the mainnet. As a result, the Arbitrum network has a huge room for future growth prospects despite the regulatory hurdles facing web3 protocols.

Closer Look at ARB Price Action

The ARB token has enjoyed a bullish outlook since the bear market rebound of around 79 cents last October. The ARB uptrend momentum accelerated in the past four weeks, which yielded a new all-time high (ATH). As a result, ARB’s weekly Relative Strength Index (RSI) rallied above the 70 level for the first time, thus indicating the bulls are in control. On the 4-hour time frame, ARB price is attempting to rally beyond the prior ATH around $2.1, amid the ongoing spot Bitcoin ETF frenzy. Notably, ARB’s bullish outlook is bolstered by the rising on-chain activity on the Ethereum network. Furthermore, the crypto cash rotation is set to accelerate in the coming months as Bitcoin approaches this cycle’s top. 

Meanwhile, the next two major ARB price targets after it clears the hurdle around $2 according to the Auto Fib Retracement are around $2.45 and $3. Notably, the 50 percent ARB price spike could be invalidated if the altcoin closes below the support level of around $1.5 in the coming days. Furthermore, the four-hour 50 Moving Average (MA) that has been acting as a strong support level will convert to resistance and trigger a possible market reversal.

Market Outlook

The future growth prospects of the Arbitrum network are bright amid the notable rise of the Ethereum ecosystem as the leader of smart contracts and web3 protocols. Moreover, the Arbitrum network plays a crucial role in securely scaling the Ethereum network that has nearly $30 billion in TVL and about $70 billion in stablecoins market cap. In the past 24 hours, the Arbitrum network has collected about $363k in fees from a volume of approximately $1.17 billion, thus a revenue of around $166k.

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