A New Crypto Ecosystem Will Pay Users To Work & Share Jobs

  • Shiba Inu ($SHIB) has not provided Shibarium layer-2 technology to date. And it appears the crypto-community is a bit weary and ready to move forward.
  • From this anxiety a rival was spawned and since last year going through an incubation process — and now the $GOLDEN opportunity is here.  

Golden Inu,” a new crypto ecosystem, has launched their website and is showcasing their real-time, evolving community platform.  The Shiba Inu Killer is ready to show its rival, “how to create a crypto ecosystem.”

A safe meme coin for everyone’ is the slogan of the new crypto brand.  It appears to be a ‘knock’ on Shiba Inu’s inability to materialize Shibarium.

What is Golden Inu?

This new metaverse company & digital currency already has the start of their ecosystem.  A web3 platform where community members can earn from working and sharing jobs, in its phase 1.

It’s ‘safe’ because funds raised will be used in a transparent manner.   And the decisions about the direction of the project will be controlled by the “Golden Horde,” allegiances of citizens within this new ecosystem.

“The upwork of the crypto world” — this might be an easy way to summarize the phase 1 vision.The “Quest” is the official name of the tasks platform and launchpad into the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) structured crypto-ecosystem.

The “Horde” are the citizens that make up the different alliances (aka communities) within the evolving ecosystem.    Through “DAO” technology and structure,  the Horde’s alliances of token holders will control Golden Inu’s direction.

Who’s In The Golden Horde?

Each of these alliances have tasks to help build the brand.  And for time and efforts contributed, money can be earned from a community funded treasury. The alliances within the horde are:

  1. “Khans” — horde leaders and governors of alliances. Proven professional within their trade and passionate about their craft.  A guru of their community and will be highly selective of who’s ultimately empowered to execute tasks in their horde.
  2. “The Frontier Force” — will handle grass-roots and commercial marketing of Golden Inu. Their job is to help popularize the ecosystem.
  3. “Code Warriors” — crew of passionate web3 developers that will handle the tasks of the programmation of the evolving ecosystem.
  4. “Narrators” — will provide content needed by the Horde in whatever endeavor.
  5. “Visionaries” — are the designers of the ecosystem and will create all artwork for internal and external usage.
  6. “The Backbone Bridge” — will be the alliance responsible for completing simple tasks daily that are needed by the Horde for it to function.  Tasks may include administrative, basic data entry, or similar.
  7. “Arkads” — are the typical investor looking to benefit from cryptos long term, but may not want to do more than invest.   Golden Inu can be their crypto-Babylon and their support will be shown through token ownership within the ecosystem.

Earning From The “Golden Treasury”

All active members of the $GOLDEN token using ecosystem will be contributing to the overall costs of building Golden Inu as a whole.    A taxation of 6% will be applied to each transaction done with an exchange (buy/sell) .  The funds build the ecosystem’s treasury and liquidity.   Half of the tax (3%) goes to the Golden Inu liquidity pool and the other half (3%) goes to the treasury.

Peer to peer transactions will not incur this 6% fee.The funding in the treasury will be used to pay the community professionals working on the crypto ecosystem — promotion and marketing, design, web3 programming, artwork, or writing.

As investors buy more tokens, the treasury and opportunities for the entire community will also grow.   And from an increase of members to the community, whether Arkads or Visionaries or of another alliance, token value will increase as well.

The 3% that goes into the liquidity pool will ensure a stable ‘base’ for the new crypto token to thrive, even after some Horde members migrate to other ecosystems. The Golden Inu world will continue moving forward.

Immediate Utility After ICO Launch

Utility of the ecosystem, a continuous offering of paid job opportunities, is what will ensure Golden Inu’s web3 and metaworld growth in phase 1.      The community as a whole, using the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) will determine what other platforms are launched within the ecosystem afterwards.

Whether developing an e-commerce related system to get $GOLDEN tokens bridged into daily internet commerce activities or generating a Golden Inu pay-2-earn GameFi project, it’s all possible through community.

The Native Token

The official token of the Golden Inu economy will be “$GOLDEN.”    Users of the “Golden Quest” job (tasks) platform will receive their payments and bonuses in $GOLDEN or $BNB.

The token is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Layer-2 technology is a decision that the Golden Inu DAO structure will be able to decide upon.  And the professionals hired to create any such technology, will be made public via the “Quest” platform.

With a usable platform already in existence (available here), the ‘reality’ of this ecosystem has already surpassed that of $SHIB. However, it’s up to individual token holders to decide if they prefer stoic quotes or actual technology that’s available today.

Safety: Golden Inu Vs Shiba Inu

Rival Shiba Inu launched 2 years ago.  It has major brand value and market cap but the reality is the ERC-20 token is still an enigma.   All of the quotes from Ryoshi are like that of Satoshi (Bitcoin founder), but the much hyped Shibarium layer-2 technology has not materialized.     There is not a ‘Shiba Inu” ecosystem for $LEASH and $BONE tokens to be used on as of now.

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The founders of Golden Inu are eliminating the ‘wait’ and starting with the “Golden Quest” platform.   And their DAO usage gives token holders control of the ecosystem’s evolution.  No ‘holds’ or stoic quotes about another wait.

Golden Quest is an actual ecosystem in its phase 1.  Additional Golden ‘worlds’ within it will be developed in future phases.    But even without future development aspirations, the $GOLDEN token already has utility for members, trumping its rival’s 2 years of efforts.

Perhaps this ‘lapse’ of performance happened because the two tokens that are based alternate blockchains were created from different theses.

Why $SHIB was Created

According to a search on google news for ‘Why did Ryoshi create Shiba Inu?,’ the token was said to be more of an experiment.    The exact answer reads “as an experiment in decentralized spontaneous community building.’

Perhaps this is the reason it’s been such an uphill battle to release its layer-2 technology and community platform.

Why $GOLDEN was created

Golden Inu on the other hand was invented to start with the solutions for problems tokens like Shiba Inu have.  A community was created before launch.  Therefore it has utility on launch. It’s not an ‘experiment.’

The new hybrid of Inu breed cryptocurrencies  appears to be ready for the long haul of web3 and the metaverse.  It’s a community token with greater transparency and true decentralization, through a DAO structure.

Still today, the token value for Shiba Inu is higher.  This is easily understood as the Golden Inu project has not officially launched.  But many are anticipating its launch with nearly 1000 members of the “Horde” on Telegram, who believe in the future of the $GOLDEN token.

How To Buy Golden Inu Tokens Pre-ICO

Official Tokenomics are on the crypto-brand’s pre-sale page, which also has open pre-registration options.

The total supply of $GOLDEN will be 100 quadrillion tokens.   Only 24% or 24 quadrillion of those  will be minted for pre-sale, a move that seems to parallel the initial path of rivals, SHIB and Dogecoin, early tokenomics.

Crypto holders aiming to benefit from pre-ICO token prices will have to contribute a minimum of 0.01BNB coin or US$3.09 to buy-in.   The maximum pre-registration contribution accepted is $309 or 1BNB coin to avoid ‘whales’ influencing token prices early on.

The process is typical — Users send their BNB to the Golden Inu Wallet via the pre-registration launchpad and in return, they will automatically receive their $GOLDEN tokens after launch.

Initial Funding Round — Goals

A massive 240 trillion tokens can be purchased for 1BNB, the maximum pre-registration purchase.   The goal of the Golden Inu founders is to raise 100BNB pre-registration.   This will allow enough funding for a successful community foundation.

After 100BNB is raised, $GOLDEN token will launch on Pancake Swap, a popular decentralized crypto exchange for startups.  It’s expected the initial token sale on the exchange will double its liquidity pool on trading open.

Pre-sale will take place 2/23/23 (February 23rd) via GoldenHorde.io.

The pre-sale will be a whitelist event.  Early registration is of the utmost importance for serious investors.

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After pre-sale closes, users will have an opportunity to buy tokens for the Golden Inu community at a cost double the Pre-ICO token price.  This will be done so via Pancake Swap  crypto-exchange.

Golden Inu is a spawn of Shiba Inu but in no way affiliated.   The token ecosystem’s founders simply want to show crypto-enthusiasts the proper way to build a decentralized community where everyone can benefit from positive intentions and consistent efforts.

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