TRON (TRX): Justin Sun announces “exciting project”, details for TRON 4.0

  • TRON CEO Justin Sun has revealed that there will be an announcement about a major project for the platform. The announcement is scheduled for June 8.
  • Sun celebrated the second anniversary of the TRON mainnet and revealed that the platform has reached 5.9 million accounts.

TRON CEO Justin Sun has revealed that there will be an “exciting” project for the platform. In a style already familiar to members of the crypto community, Sun revealed no further details about the project, launch date or other specifications. The TRON CEO simply made the announcement and said he would provide more details on June 8. Sun invited the community to guess about the possible project.

TRON 4.0 release?

Although most community responses were jokes or negative comments towards Sun, some users have speculated about the possibility of a TRON upgrade being released. Called TRON 4.0, the update has gained attention in the last week after a poll by Sun. Designed to measure the project’s popularity against Ethereum 2.0, the poll was allegedly artificially inflated with votes purchased by Sun to win it. However, no technical details about the possible TRON update have been announced.

Meanwhile, Sun did celebrate the launch of the TRON mainnet two years ago on May 31, 2018, and the growth since then. According to Sun, the network has reached nearly 6 million accounts in total, 750 dapps, 20 million in block height and a supply of the stablecoin Tether that exceeds 2.2 million.

Finally, Sun shared details on the Multi Party Computation (MPC) project. The project was launched in January this year and will allow random beacons to be generated on TRON. This way, there will be more privacy on the TRON blockchain. As stated by the Tron Foundation, the update will be one of the most important for the development and a part of TRON 4.0:

Torch Project ensures the security and trustworthiness of #TVM’s #zkSNARKs and contributes to the development of blockchain privacy protection technology. MPC is nearing its end and will generate random beacons. The TRON shielded protocol selects the hash value of Bitcoin block 632800 to generate the final random beacon, which is expected to be mined on June 3, 2020 (SGT).

However, it remains to be seen what project will be revealed by Sun on June 8. The last time the TRON CEO made a similar announcement, the purchase of Steemit was revealed. After the purchase, the following weeks saw tensions rise between some of Steem’s users and Justin Sun. As a result, the community who disagreed with the decisions on Steem, launched a hard fork to create their own platform, Hive.

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