Adobe’s Behance gets into NFTs, to integrate Tezos and other blockchains

  • Adobe’s Behance has announced that it’s getting into the world of NFTs.
  • It will integrate Tezos, Solana, Flow Blockchain, and 0x as it seeks to give creatives more control and exposure for their content.

Behance, the social media platform established by software giant Adobe, is venturing into non-fungible tokens. In its announcement, Behance revealed it will allow its users to simply link their cryptocurrency wallets and showcase all the NFTs they have minted on their Behance portfolio. It will integrate Tezos, Solana and 0x in the near future to further give creatives control of their content.

Behance has continued to grow since its 2012 acquisition by Photoshop creator Adobe Inc. to now boast of over 12 million users whose projects have been viewed over 4 billion times. It’s now taking the leap into the world of NFTs. Users will just have to link their cryptocurrency wallets to their Behance accounts to add their NFTS to their profiles.

In an accompanying blog post, Behance stated:

Additionally, you’ll have the ability to display NFTs inside a Behance project to provide more context or a peek into your process. We are hard at work to include blockchains like Polygon, Solana, Flow, and Tezos.

In a world where stealing one’s work and presenting it as yours is becoming easier, Behance is working to ensure that artists who use its platform are protected. Through its Content Authenticity Initiative, it has developed an open-source standard that gives these artists provenance to their creations.

It added:

We are collaborating with a number of NFT marketplaces including OpenSea, SuperRare, KnownOrigin, and Rarible to make this provenance visible to help protect creators and collectors alike. That same artwork provenance will also be displayed on Behance.

NFTs have continued to attract more and more users globally. And while the sale of ludicrously-priced NFTs has slowed, the number of those interested in NFTs is still rising.

For a long while, Ethereum had a monopoly on NFTs. However, its high fees and slow transactions have been its Achilles’ heel and have led to many exploring alternatives.

One of those taking their share of the NFT market is Tezos. The proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain offers very low fees and has attracted a sizeable share of the NFT market. Most recently, rap superstar Doja Cat launched 26,000 limited edition collectibles, starting at $5, with the genesis set named Planet Doja.

Mike Shinoda, the lead vocalist for American multi-platinum band Linkin Park also recently revealed that he would be minting original art on Tezos.

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