Zuby’s merchandise is tracked with VeChain and inspired by Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Bitcoin Movement and Zuby launch a limited collection of only 300 items that are tracked on VeChain’s blockchain.
  • The collection seeks to promote Bitcoin’s philosophy and increase the number of users that participate in its network.

Rapper and entrepreneur Zuby has teamed up with Bitcoin Movement and VeChain to launch their new limited edition clothing collection. Called “Take the Power Back”, the collection is made up of a total of 300 items: 125 T-shirts, 125 caps, and 50 Hoodies. All merchandise will be connected and immutably registered on the VeChainThor blockchain with NFC chips, according to the official website of the Bitcoin Movement.

Merchandise sale will begin on November 14, 2010, at 17:00 EST. Interested users should go to the Bitcoin Movement website and “drop a note” to access the merchandise. The current interest, according to the page, indicates that there will be high levels of sales. Therefore, it is estimated that the collection might sell out quickly.

In addition, buyers of the limited merchandise will be able to use an app developed by Bitcoin Movement. They will be able to use it as a tool to verify the authenticity of the item they have purchased. This is possible by leveraging VeChain’s technology and the chips incorporated into each item that works as a means to identify them.

Inspired by Bitcoin’s (BTC) philosophy

The collection is based on the principles and philosophy of Bitcoin. The number “21” is an important part of the design, representing the finite supply of the cryptocurrency. According to the Bitcoin Movement, this number has become an important symbol for the community.

The scarcity of Bitcoin is one of the main characteristics that determine the value of cryptocurrency. In that sense, the design has been conceived to be a source of inspiration, education, adoption, and “mass empowerment”. Bitcoin Movement states:

The prominent design feature of the collection is the number 21 Million which has become a symbolic figure in the Bitcoin community. This number relates to total number of bitcoins that will ever be issued and is what makes bitcoin one of the most scarce assets known to man. This original and bold design was created to inspire, educate and empower the masses.

On the other hand, Zuby has said that the collection is intended to convey a message: take control of your money. In addition, the collection tries to encourage more investors to participate in the Bitcoin network. Zuby said:

I wanted to design a collection that inspires people to take control of their money, whilst empowering and uniting them through participation in the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin is known as the currency of the people and it puts the power back in our hands.

The founder of the Bitcoin Movement, Daryl Kelly, stated that the collaboration has tried to create a product that is “truly representative of the Bitcoin philosophy”. Highlighting that each item in the collection has gone through a curation process, Kelly added:

Embodying the attributes of Bitcoin that have made it so successful, disruptive and attractive to those who seek truth and transparency.

Every aspect of this collaboration was carefully curated and we hope the result is a body of work that further educates people about Bitcoin and the power of blockchain technology.

We hope this collection will find its place in history as one of the early truly verifiable limited edition blockchain-based streetwear collections.

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