Zcash reveals its next developments for 2020

  • The Zcash Foundation has made public its priorities and upcoming projects for 2020.
  • The development of the Zebra node will be the central focus of the new Zcash Foundation engineering team.

In a Zcash Foundation publication, the engineering roadmap for 2020 is announced. Among the announcements, it was made public that George Tanersley will be the new engineering director of the Zcash Foundation. He was also in charge of presenting the foundation’s objectives for the coming year.

Objectives of the Zcash Foundation for next year

Following the objective set by the Zcash Foundation at the beginning of 2019, they continue to work towards greater decentralization of the Zcash ecosystem. Thus, they have been building a team to transform the Zcash Foundation into a research and development center.

The new team of the Zcash Foundation, in the person of its director, raised the main objectives of the institution in development and engineering. First, the team will focus on developing the Zcash node, based on Rust. This project is called Zebra and, to a large extent, will occupy the activities of the Zcash team.

At the top of its priorities with respect to Zebra, the team hopes to be able to redesign it by April 2020. This task will include incorporating a validation and tracking system into the chain. In addition, they expect to be able to include a support system for their wallet that would include the construction of a dedicated infrastructure.

According to the publication, the new Zcash Foundation engineering team will be dedicated to this and other projects simultaneously. Among the projects will be to integrate Zcash into a cross chain system, improve the level of privacy of the network, increase support for its hardware wallet with shielded addresses.

The Zcash Foundation team will be made up of local members, private contractors, volunteers and external researchers.

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Zcash Foundation determined to improve its users’ experience

The focus of their efforts will be to improve the user experience on the network. Zebra will play the most decisive role at this point. The team hopes that Zcash will become a faster, more efficient and secure network.

By October of next year, Zebra will have to be deployed to support the ecosystem. The development and progress of the project will be published as it progresses. They will also be open source, to be reviewed by any user.

In this regard, the Zcash Foundation follows the path of other ecosystem foundations. For example, the Ethereum Foundation and the Tezos Foundation. Both institutions have shown what some of their priorities will be next year: improve the user experience and make an investment in education and developers who take their first steps in the blockchain.

The price of the Zcash, at the time of publication, is $ 36.37 USD with a side trend (-1.36%) in the last 24 hours. The events have not had any positive effect on the price of the cryptocurrency. It remains to be seen if the roadmap of the Zcash Foundation can be fulfilled and if the team will achieve its goals by April and October 2020.

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