Will Pomerdoge be the next big meme coin to launch on Binance? Ripple (XRP) and Polygon (MATIC) holders buy-in

Surprisingly, many investors are picking newer projects over established ones, with the rise of crypto. One of the examples includes people’s preference toward Pomerdoge (POMD) over Ripple (XRP) and Polygon (MATIC).

So, let us explore more about these tokens in detail.


  • Ripple (XRP) Network may surge up to $3 by the year’s end.
  • Polygon (MATIC) crypto to sell at an average price of $0.850 in 2023. 
  • Pomerdoge will see a projected rise of 4,000% after launch.

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Ripple’s (XRP) advocate backs up lawsuit victory; the token trades at $0.6247

By now, almost everyone is aware of the famous lawsuit battle between Ripple (XRP) and the SEC. After several years, Ripple (XRP) finally won against the SEC. However, the platform’s image is dented, and many doubt the lawsuit’s judgment.

Recently, Ripple’s (XRP) advocate shared details about the judgment’s logic. According to him, the Judge considered the SEC’s definition of each sale type. Further, she found that the SEC categorizes Ripple (XRP) sales into three types. There were many differences in these categories.

Additionally, institutional buyers still maintain legal contracts with Ripple (XRP). This separates Ripple (XRP) from programmatic sales. Thus, it won the lawsuit.

Currently, Ripple’s (XRP) price is $0.6247, a 0.04% drop in a day. Ripple network price prediction says it may reach $3.50 this year. But investors don’t see it growing at a quick rate any time soon.

Polygon (MATIC) grows its NFT market as the token sells at $0.6691

Since the beginning of 2023, Polygon (MATIC) has witnessed growth in its NFT market. Recently, Polygon (MATIC) onboarded y00ts and other NFT collections. Moreover, there have been discussions around the launch of Polygon (MATIC) 2.0. Some believe it will grow the platform’s NFT market further.

However, Polygon (MATIC) may not receive the gains as multiple NFT metrics saw a drop. Moreover, investors saw losses as prices didn’t rise for a long while.

Currently, Polygon (MATIC) is trading at $0.6691, a 0.018% dip in a day. Polygon price forecast suggests tokens to trade at an average price of $0.850 in 2023.

Pomerdoge (POMD) leads other altcoins with its use cases

Introducing Pomerdoge (POMD) – a new P2E platform where playing gives earnings!

Imagine joining a big, friendly gang of gamers, all having a blast together. But there’s more; users get to own special digital treasures called NFTs. They’re unique collectibles; one can buy them for just 0.2 ETH each.

Additionally, Pomergame allows anyone to dive into the amazing game adventures in-built into the platform. For example, players can take part in avatar-building. They receive a special Gold Status Pomer achievement as they play and level up. Once reached, the platform unlocks the doors to Pomerplace – the game’s very own marketplace.

In Pomerplace, players become pro traders. They can show off and exchange all the cool stuff they own. Further, to add more excitement, there’s an Arena where players can challenge their fellow gamers to epic showdowns.

In the early stage presale, investors can buy the POMD token for only $0.007. Analysts believe that the token might rise by a mind-blowing 4,000% after its official launch. So, keep yourself updated with the platform news and sign up on time!

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Website: https://pomerdoge.com/ 

Telegram Community: https://t.me/pomerdoge 

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