Which companies accepts Bitcoin and what can you buy with it from the firms?

Cryptocurrencies have become more popular today globally, and bitcoin being one of the most famous cryptocurrencies, has obtained worldwide recognition. The coin has been used mainly insignificant betting and gambling platforms to offer payment methods to the convenience of the gamers and gamblers.

For instance, in Canada, cryptocurrency and bitcoin, in particular, have gained extensive use and utilization and almost all the betting sites allow for payment with the coin. There are also Canadian reliable bitcoin casino sites where you can also use your coins for safe gambling.

While bitcoin is yet to overtake the Canadian dollar as the nation’s legal currency, it is enhancing the use of currencies and the buying of goods and services without attending any bank in the country. Therefore, Canada remains one of the major nations that are crypto-friendly and that accepts flexibility when it comes to the use of new currency and blockchain technology.

When it comes to where to use cryptocurrencies and what to use if, for buying, there are endless lists of what you can get off the market shelves using this coin, bitcoin works both online and offline today with many land based shops adopting the blockchain technology. Since there are adversities that still hinder the effective use of blockchain technologies on the landbased shops and markets, the online use dominates the application of bitcoin both in Canada and around the globe.

Use of Bitcoin to buy goods and services on online platforms

Most of the places that accept bitcoin currency are online platforms. Many people have been stranded to trade or use bitcoin to purchase commodities owing to its ability to grow very first in the market.

Bitcoin is a great digital currency, so its use online by websites, especially gambling sites, is a bit easier than its utilization offline or on the land based shops. For instance, in Canada, large companies have resorted to the use of bitcoin, which allows all their customers who are in a position of paying using the coin to purchase goods online.

In most of the online gift platforms, such as the eGifter or the Gyft, you can give a present or purchase a gift using bitcoin. The companies also provide you with a platform and opportunity to establish and pay for the gift cards by using the coins. Some of the gift cards allowed in these shops includes:

  • Home Depot Gift Cards
  • Best Buy Cards
  • Dunkin Donuts

Buying online using bitcoin is far more comfortable these days, with most online platforms configured with mobile payment options. This act allows you to purchase with bitcoin on your mobile phone or your tablet.

Companies such as shapeShift ensure that you don’t need your desktop to purchase commodities online using bitcoin. They have configured the site to accept mobile payment for additional convenience to the customers. However, you have to confirm your information before paying with bitcoin on this platform.

Other companies also accept bitcoin payment by giving their online wallet address to allow you to pay or send money to them. This is very common with desktop sites, which may not accept the mobile payment options. More businesses have begun to accept bitcoin payment worldwide, thanks to the PayBycoin system established by Intuit. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with bitcoin payment today.

Online bitcoin payment is also common among casino websites. The online sites where people gamble and game have adopted the use of bitcoin for payment. Since Canada has become a crypto hub of late, most of the online casino platforms from the country allow players to pay by bitcoin to avoid inconveniences of going to the banks. Some online gambling sites allow the only bitcoin as the only way to fund customer or player accounts.

Other websites that accept Bitcoin for product and service purchase

Besides the websites mentioned above and casino sites, there are also many websites where you can pay for a service or good online using bitcoin other than your nation’s currency. These include.

  • E-Commerce companies such as Etsy companies
  • Mobile games and application providers such as Zynga
  • Dating sites around the globe including OkCupid
  • Food or consumable delivery websites such as the PizzaForCoins companies
  • The tours, travel and hotel agencies including CheapAir Company

Use of Bitcoin on landbased shops and markets

While most of the use of bitcoin buying goods takes pace online since bitcoin is a digital currency, some land based or offline stores have also adopted the use of this coin to pay for goods. The companies ensure that you can buy with any currency that you have to avoid inconveniences.

However, bitcoin has not been a common payment method for offline stores, with less than 1 percent of the stores using it today than the companies using the Canadian dollar, particularly in Canada. Are you wondering how you are going to spend this digital currency offline? Don’t worry; here is how to ensure a successful payment using bitcoin.

  • Use of Computer Software that Scans QR Codes: it is easier than ever to initiate payment at a store with a computer that allows you to scan the QR code or the wallet code. Therefore, companies have used computer software to enhance payment in the offline arena.
  • Use of QR Code Scanning Mobile Phone: for those who may not have computers that scan the QR codes, these companies have configured their system switch the mobile phones and tablets capable of scanning the QR codes to enable your quick and reliable purchases.

It is, therefore, more comfortable than it used to be before with the new technology. For all stores that accept bitcoin, there is always an indication outside the store to show customers that they accept bitcoin and use the coin to purchase goods and services from the shops.

Some of the major companies, especially in Canada that have given the bitcoin a try to see whether it can work, include the following:

  • KFC Canada, with its The Bitcoin Bucket
  • Subway Sandwich Shops
  • Helen’s

The companies have resorted to trying the cryptocurrency to see if it can work since it is a new technology that many people do not want to purchase but to trade more with. If you want to see which companies offer the bitcoin payment near your place, the Coinmap does the miracle. It will spot you any nearer company in which you can purchase goods or services using your bitcoin.

Why offline companies are hesitant to adopt full Bitcoin payment

While there are considerably many offline companies or stores that have adopted the bitcoin payment method, some of them are merely trying out, and many of the companies still fear the adversities with which bitcoin may come. The primary reasons why most companies have not been able to adopt this technology for purchases include:

  • Its ability to fluctuate with time: bitcoin fluctuates faster than any other currency or cryptocurrency. People are caught up between whether to use it for purchases or to trade with it. In fact, most people prefer trading with it than using it to buy goods and services.
  • Volatility in price and lengthy transactions: online the direct bank transfers and even the cash transactions, bitcoin have been seen as time water for lengthy processes of transacting business. Therefore, many companies have seen it futile to adopt it.
  • The wary of spending it: consumers do not want to spend bitcoin since it goes up to very first. As such, they consider keeping it and selling it in the future if its value rises. Therefore, companies find it hard to execute their use in purchases since customers themselves are hesitant to spend it.


Bitcoin cryptocurrency has gained much momentum both in Canada and around the globe. The coin has been used and is being used widely by the online platforms, and some offline stores have resorted to trying whether or not it might work for them. While there are obstacles to using bitcoin just like it is on many new technologies, be sure to use your bitcoin in various shops and websites near you today.

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