What Canadian exchanges have the best service?

Whether you are an expert trader or new to cryptocurrency and need help learning how to buy Bitcoin in Canada, good service from your exchange is crucial.

Important services on an exchange are things like:

  • the ability to set buy and sell limits/orders
  • easy methods of payment
  • clear explanations of services and transparent fees
  • and good customer service.

Here we review six exchanges that offer excellent services for those who want to buy Bitcoin in Canada -as well as other cryptocurrencies. But if you are in Canada, most of these exchanges allow for Interact purchases of cryptocurrencies, which is faster than a wire transfer.

All of these exchanges have an easy-to-use interface, quick customer service, and great features that make buying cryptocurrency is easy.


CoinSmart has an easy, clean interface. It is super easy to find answers to your questions because the site has prepared a number of how-to guides. So, if you want to know how to set a Sell Limit Order or have any other questions, the answers are there. All you need to do is type your question into the search engine.

They also have chat and email features that are easy to use and answer your questions quickly. Everything about how the exchange operates is spelled out on their site in plain language.

As a Canadian exchange, you can use your Visa/MasterCard or debit card to buy Bitcoin and other currencies. You can also use e-transfers and wire transfers.

Special services that CoinSmart offers are their Smart Guarantee and referral program. The Smart Guarantee is a service fee you can pay to ensure that a transaction is completed by a certain date. And they also have an incentives referral program that gives you credit for your CoinSmart account when you recruit new users.


Kraken also has a very clear support page, live chat, and quick email response. So, like CoinSmart, most of your questions are already answered.

Some of the special features that they have is a trading app for your iOS and Android devices and they accept multiple fiat currencies. So, you can buy Bitcoin with CAD, USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, and AUD.

Kraken is great for those who are ready to trade large amounts of cryptocurrency because they offer institutions such as pension and hedge funds special packages.


BitBuy is a good exchange because they offer different kinds of services for different kinds of traders. Express Trade allows one click buy/sell orders. This is great for quick purchases. They also have Pro Trade, which had more features, such as more order types as well as a live order book for more advanced users.


Wealthsimple made the list because they are not strictly a cryptocurrency exchange. They primarily deal in traditional assets. However, they quickly caught onto the value of digital currencies. So, you Wealthsimple is another way to buy Bitcoin in Canada, as well as Ethereum.

This exchange, however, requires that you attach a Canadian bank account to your wallet, so you cannot make debit purchases of crypto here. However, their app is easy to use and user-friendly.


NDAX.IO is a Calgary based exchange. Similar to CoinSmart, they also have a referral program, so the more people who use your affiliate link, the more cryptocurrency you are able to earn. Like the other exchanges, they offer a clean interface, with lots of information on their site to answer your questions.


Bitvo has some unique services for traders as well, such as a same-day guarantee, technical analysis tools, and a partnership with Visa for the Bitvo Cash Card. The Bitvo cash card means that you can use your cryptocurrency to make everyday purchases at places that accept Visa. This is because the card is linked right to your Bitvo account.

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