Warning! Chainlink (LINK) Might Smash $10 Barrier This Year, But Analysts Tip Rival Crypto Deliver Higher Returns

Every Chainlink investor must read this article before making their next move on the LINK token. There’s a fair chance Chainlink’s price might smash the $10.00 barrier this year and another possibility for the crypto to fall. Regardless, analysts have instead tipped another fast-rising crypto to eclipse the potential profits with higher ROIs.

This article reviews the chances of LINK’s price exceeding $10 this year and why analysts expect this rival crypto to do better.

Can Chainlink (LINK) Price Cross the $10.00 Barrier This Year?

Back in 2021, Chainlink (LINK) had a bright profit stint, rocketing from a mere $2.25 to an impressive height of $50. Chainlink’s rise was thanks to the growing world of decentralized finance and the ever-developing hunger for its outstanding Oracle features.

But the market has changed for LINK. After achieving its $50 height, Chainlink’s price retraced to a low price of about $6.40. Indeed, the general bear market played a role in this decline, Chainlink’s rate of adoption also contributed to the downturn.

Still, the tides appear to be shifting in favor of Chainlink again. The recent alliance with Swift to interlink various blockchains in the fiscal ecosystem gives signs of a promising run. This partnership could inspire a broader embrace of Chainlink’s benefits and features.

While these growths continue, crypto enthusiasts and experts are in high spirits. Several investors believe Chainlink is setting itself up to smash the much-discussed $10 barrier. Given this momentum gets sustained, we might see Chainlink shooting up to as far as $25 in 2024 and toward $100 in the later years. But, that’s if there is a big enough bullish momentum that can beat the present market struggles.

Pikamoon (PIKA) Presents a Surer and Easier Path to Better Returns With Exceptional Play-to-Earn Delivery

Pikamoon presents a promising play-to-earn project with a meme coin and a metaverse game that rewards gamers as they build virtual empires and compete in treasure hunts, and adventurous contests. To better their chances, players can buy power ups on the in-game marketplace for their avatars, using the hybrid PIKA meme coin.

Still, there’s more to Pikamoon’s exceptional play-to-earn delivery:

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  • Elite Support Attracts More Users and Growth

Pikamoon enjoys the support of crypto elites including investment experts, whales, and analysts. These elites are excited to get involved in the project and boost its credibility. This attracts more users, with increased interest from gamers and investors, enhancing its growth potential and the likelihood of taking over the Play-to-earn space with massive gains.

  • A Verified Core Team for Investment Security

There’s a firm trust in the project and its long-term investment prospect across its community. Pikamoon is the preferred choice for investors seeking investment security. This makes it different from others and it starts from the selection of its core team.

The core team members go through a verification process involving KYC verification and audits before selection. This assures investors of a secure investment journey and that attracts more investors.

  • PIKA Gets Its Explosive Growth from Its Use Cases 

There’s a bull run coming soon, and PIKA is one of the tokens experts have tipped to deliver explosive profits. This comes from the high demand it gets from its many use cases. PIKA is the financial symbol in different areas of the Pikamoon project. This increases its demand, value, and ROI potential.

All of these and more are reasons why Pikamoon has become investors’ favourite among the top 10 crypto lists to buy.

After a Stellar Presale, Pikamoon Looks Set for More 

The Pikamoon presale is still on and with its third phase recently kicking off, the project has recorded multiple successes.

According to crypto analysts, these successes are not all Pikamoon will deliver this year. There is still the chance for a further 5,000% ROI for PIKA this year.

Trading at $0.0006, PIKA is at its best price and the perfect time to buy $PIKA is now.

Find out more about Pikamoon (PIKA):

Buy Now: https://pikamoon.io/buy

Website: https://pikamoon.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pikamooncoin

Telegram: https://t.me/pikamoonofficial

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